5 Fun Zoom Backgrounds to Liven Up Your Next Meeting

    April 15 2020

    2020 has forever changed what we think of when we hear the word Zoom. Going fast? Nope. Those old Mazda commercials? Not that either. A work meeting or conference call during a lockdown? Absolutely.Zoom has quickly become the most significant cultural and professional phenomenon of 2020. So whether you're curled up in the closet (because it's the calmest place in the house and you generally like to be near the clothes you can't wear) or you're in the living room (while your partner is doing weird things in the background that everyone in your meeting is more interested in than the actual call), Zoom is us, and we are Zoom – forevermore.To make things a little more interesting, we created a few fun Zoom Backgrounds that'll make you the talk of your next meeting!Wanna go tiger style? We got you. All about that plant life? We have something for that, too. Download them all below to add some lighthearted excitement to future Zoom calls.


    Here's how:

    • Download any of the backgrounds below
    • Open up Zoom and go to your Preferences
    • Select 'Virtual Background,' then select to the plus sign (+) to import your background


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