Year in Review: PLANOLY and Instagram

    December 23 2017

    What a year it's been - for PLANOLY and Instagram! We've seen so much growth and change here at PLANOLY in 2017, from becoming an official Instagram partner, releasing our platform, unveiling our Instagram Stories planner, reaching 1 million users, and more. We're looking back on this past year with fond memories, and a lot of excitement for what's to come in the new year! We have a feeling that 2018 is going to be even bigger and better. Get ready because we have so much in store for our incredible PLANOLY users to look forward to! Read on as we highlight all of our favorite features, highlights, and moments from 2017 for Instagram and PLANOLY.

    Planoly 2017

    • January: We released our Plan Reports feature, which allows you to share upcoming PLANOLY grid drafts with clients, co-workers, or your boss in an easy and efficient way.
    • February: One of our most popular features on PLANOLY, Instagram Stories Planner, was released! This feature streamlines the planning process even more, and allows users to go beyond the 24-hour rule.
    • March: Our Drafts feature was released, and has been a super helpful tool for users to better organize their grid when planning content! Drafts is available on web and app, and allows you to curate media for multiple campaigns on different drafts until you're ready to use it.
    • April: The Multi Photo and Video Planning feature was released, and made it possible for users to upload and plan multiple photos or videos in a single post!
    • June:ShopLink was released, and allowed users to start boosting their sales through PLANOLY! This integrated tool lets you tag products in PLANOLY to make a ShopLink gallery with your Instagram posts - easily add products, tag posts with products, and watch the sales roll in!
    • August: We created the Hashtag Manager to help users easily add hashtags to their posts, create hashtag categories, and increase engagement overall.
    • November: Our platform was unveiled, an affiliate network that makes it easy for digital influencers to monetize digital content with their favorite brands like Nordstrom, Glossier, Bloomingdales, Topshop, and more. Tag products on Instagram content and generate product links for any online platforms (i.e. personal blogs or YouTube) right from the PLANOLY web dashboard and mobile apps!
      • We were accepted into the Instagram Partner program as an official partner! This was a huge moment for us, as it is a highly-coveted position in the digital space. Instagram Partners are hand-picked companies by Instagram to help other businesses and individuals grow even more on the platform.
    • December: We hit ONE MILLION users on PLANOLY in just two years! This was a big goal for us to reach by the end of 2017 - we're so thankful for our PLANOLY tribe and the outpouring of support from all of our users.

    Year in Review - PLANOLY 1 Million Users

    Instagram 2017

    • January: Instagram revealed Live Stories to the world, which opened up an entirely new way to connect with your digital community!
    • February: The ability to post Multiple Photos & Videos (up to 10) in one post on Instagram was unveiled.
    • March: Instagram released a feature that allows users to Save Live Videos directly to their phone after filming them!
    • April: Instagram reached a whopping 700 Million Users, added Geostickers for various cities, created a "Selfie Sticker" for Stories, and revealed the "Collections Feature" which allows users to organize saved posts into private collections.
    • May: Location and Hashtag Stories on Explore were unveiled, "Rewind" and "Eraser Tool" were added to Stories, and Face Filters added to Stories + Boomerangs!
    • June: Instagram upped their security settings on the app and created the ability to Block Offensive Comments. They also released a feature to Share a Replay of Live Videos to Stories, and the Archive feature, where users can hide posts on their grid without deleting them.
    • July: The ability to do direct Photo and Video Replies to Stories was released.
    • August: Instagram celebrated one year of IG Stories being out! It was a successful feature to say the least. Instagram Stories has changed the game when it comes to influencers, marketing, and digital strategy.
    • September: Instagram opened up a feature that allows Anonymous Reporting for live video if you see that someone needs mental help - when Instagram is notified, that user will receive a message with options for help or a phone number to call. They also unveiled Comment Controls and Face Filters in Live Stories!
    • October: Superzoom was unveiled and offers a fun addition to Stories - users can record funny videos with dramatic sound effects and share with friends! They also released a feature on Instagram Live, which allows you to add a guest while you're broadcasting. Go live on Stories with a friend...or anyone. Instagram Stories Polls also came out on this month, and has been a really popular feature since its release!
    • December: The fabulous Stories Highlights and Stories Archive came out, which has expanded the way people use Stories to share content. Personal users and businesses alike are finding this feature to be super helpful and intriguing!

    So much can happen in a we've seen above. It was an exciting year for Instagram and PLANOLY! We love all of the amazing features that came out and we've enjoyed seeing how everyone uses them in unique and brilliant ways. There is so much to look forward to in the new year. One thing is certain...we hope that we will see more and more people using social media for GOOD. Let's lift one another up, support our Instagram community, and spread love. Goodbye 2017 and hello to a brand new year. We're ready for you, 2018!


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