Why You Shouldn't Auto-Comment

    April 07 2017

    While auto-commenting seems to be a fast growing craze in the Instagram community, we are not a fan. The reason being that it is insincere, spammy and has the potential to be offensive. We've seen it firsthand--someone posts a picture with a sad caption about their dog passing away, and then someone comments below, "I'm jealous!". The likelihood of an awkward situation is not worth the risk.

    Account Suspension

    Using bots to auto-comment can get tricky and come off as spam. If Instagram suspects your account spamming other users, they might suspend your account. It's not worth jeopardizing your account, especially if you've accumulated a good amount of followers. It's not worth the chance of losing your account and starting all over.

    Lack of Real Engagement

    Authentic engagement is gold and shouldn't be taken lightly. Meaningful engagement is essential in building a solid relationship with your community, and without it, your Instagram will not be as valuable. Follower engagement is a significant aspect that potential brands and companies look for when seeking collaborations regardless of the number of followers you may have. When people realized your comments may be automated, it's a big turn off and could lose you that potential follow-back, partnership or interest. Repetitive emoji's can only take things so far, and then people will figure out it's not genuine. If you don't have time to engage, don't. Do it when you have the time to actually appreciate people's posts. You can plan to dedicate 30 minutes every two days to engage rather than fake commenting.

    Authenticity Always Wins

    The takeaway from all of this is that buying likes and auto-commenting will do more harm than good. The best way to gain a loyal audience that aligns with your brand is to be authentic. Collaborate with like-minded people and engage with your followers in a real way. It might take longer to get to your end goal, but it will be worth it. Overall, genuine engagement trumps the amount of followers, and the age old saying of quality over quantity is truer than ever.


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