Why Instagram and Pinterest Are Your Best Marketing Tools

    August 01 2019

    Instagram and Pinterest are two of the best tools you can use when it comes to marketing yourself, your business, and your platform. In our opinion, they are the top two social platforms in the game right now. They serve as a great way to connect and form relationships with other brands, influencers, and industry professionals alike, while also leveraging your brand and content. Today, we're discussing how to make the most of these online marketing tools to leverage your growth and visibility online. We're going to dive into each platform below and discuss the benefits and best uses for each.

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    PLANOLY Instagram Tip

    Instagram Capabilities:

    1. Visibility - reach a larger audience through your posts and Instagram Stories.
    2. Branding - tell your brand's story through beautiful imagery and cohesive branding.
    3. Networking - connect with other brands, influencers, and companies to form a community.
    4. Engagement - engage with others via commenting, direct messages, and Instagram Stories.
    5. Insights - review insights to see what works best and what to build on.
    6. Advertising - utilize Instagram's many advertising tools to reach a broader audience.

    Instagram is Best Used For:

    • Imagery
    • Growth
    • Connection
    • Community

    "Engage with other
    'pinners' on the platform to form a community."
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    PLANOLY Pinterest Tip


    1. Visibility - being active on the platform will help you gain more visibility with other pinners.
    2. Reach - allow your brand to be seen by a larger audience through the use of pins, repins, and sharing recent blog content on Pinterest.
    3. Website Tool - use Pinterest as a website marketing tool to help spread the word about you and your brand through pins and shares from your website.
    4. Engagement - engage with other 'pinners' on the platform to form a community.
    5. Insights - view insights on your Pinterest dashboard to become more familiar with who your audience is and what type of content performs the best.
    6. Advertising - leverage yourself and your brand on Pinterest through the use of thoughtful marketing strategically placed advertisements and.

    Pinterest is Best Used For:

    • Tutorials/How To's
    • Food
    • Style
    • Quotes

    As you can see, both Instagram and Pinterest are vital tools to have in your arsenal of secret social media marketing weapons. If you spend time on any two platforms the most - it should be Instagram and Pinterest! By implementing and diving into the strategies above, you can set yourself up for success when it comes to growing engagement, improving your visibility, and reaching potential readers, followers, and clients.

    We hope today's post was helpful! For more social media marketing strategy, head to the blog: Social Media Marketing


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