What NOT to Do on Instagram

    January 17 2018

    We always talk about what you should be doing on Instagram, but it's time to shed some light on what you shouldn't be doing! There's a chance that you might not even know if you are doing something wrong, but the beginning of the year is a great time to take a step back and reassess your strategies. Read on to find out our list of top Instagram no-no's!

    Don't Oversell

    As a blogger or business, you obviously need some content that is promoting sales. However, it's key to not oversell when posting content. People hate being oversold to, so make sure that your content provides something more genuine than just pushing products in people's faces. Mix it up, get creative, and share personal stories!

    Don't Post Just to Post

    This is a really important aspect of Instagram today, especially with the overflow of content that people are receiving on their feeds. Be picky about the content that you share and don't ever post just to post! Always ensure that your content strategy is thought out and in line with your brand before you click 'Share' and remember our golden rule: Quality over Quantity.

    "Always ensure that your content strategy is thought out and in line with your brand."
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    Don't Use Jargon

    If you're not familiar with the words, or if they're not in line with your brand personality, then don't post it! We see some people using jargon or popular phrases in an attempt to appeal to their audiences, but it can make your brand look like a try-hard. When it comes to copy, keep it close to home and make sure it always matches your brand voice.

    Don't Post Without Crediting

    If you are going to repost someone else's content, ALWAYS include their Instagram name in the caption to let your audience know who and where the original source is from. You wouldn't want someone else taking credit for your work, so it's important to give credit where credit's due. Create OR Credit!

    Don't Copy

    When it comes to figuring out your Instagram aesthetic, you can get inspiration from other people's pages, but don't copy their content completely. Maintaining authenticity and creativity will set you apart, and make your page more desirable to your followers.
    IG Don'ts - PLANOLY - 1

    "Be mindful of everything you put on your grid and don't share anything that you're not proud of."
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    Don't Post Low Quality Images

    There are over 800 million Instagram users, so when you're posting content, make sure it stands out and is the best quality that it can be! If your content is not top notch, your followers will start looking elsewhere. For example, if you're a photographer and you post blurry photos, then your audience will associate that with the quality of your work. Be mindful of everything you put on your grid and don't share anything that you're not proud of. Like it or not, it's a reflection of you!

    Don't Leave Your Followers Hanging

    If you want to increase your engagement, you need to engage! The first step is to not leave your followers on "read". If they're asking questions in your comments or DM's, make sure you set aside time to respond to them and build relationships. That will keep them coming back for more, while also upping your engagement. Start off with blocking out 30 minutes a day to engage and reply to comments if you don't have time to reply throughout the day. Follow our tips and make sure you're cutting these out of your Instagram practice. We hope this helps with your overall strategy for the new year! Nobody is perfect (even on Instagram), but we can all be more aware of our actions and improve in one way or another. Keep lifting one another up and always show love to your Instagram community!


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