Webinar Recap: Understanding the Instagram Algorithm

    June 13 2019

    The Instagram algorithm has become the bane of our existence. It's made our growth slower and made us work on our strategies even harder. It's also led people to buy more engagement and join boost groups/pods to hack the algorithm. However, once we begin to understand what makes up the Instagram algorithm and what helps our content show up in people's feeds more, then we can start creating successful content that won't make us resent the algorithm. In last month's webinar, we went over the six components of the Instagram algorithm and discussed some strategies on how to navigate it and tailor your content to perform better on your audience's feeds.

    Key Takeaways

    Components of the Instagram Algorithm

    The goal of the algorithm is to rank the content on your feed as a user and provide you curated content that is most relevant to you based on historical data from 6 different factors. It's not meant to hinder content creators, but it does mean that as a marketer that wants to get your content to your audience's feed, you have to make sure you're creating content that interests them and engages them. Here are six factors:

    • User Interest
    • Post Recency
    • Relationship
    • Visit Recency
    • Following
    • App Usage

    "We have to see our content from the perspective of our audience."
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    Webinar Recap: Understanding the Instagram Algorithm

    Best Strategies to Beat the Algorithm

    With these six factors, we have to see our content from the perspective of our audience and learn how we can fit into their feeds rather than the other way around. A few ways to do this are:

    "Hacks" to Avoid When Trying to "Beat" the Algorithm

    It's safe to say the algorithm has brought out the worst in us, to the point where we've begun to cheat our way to get more likes, follows, and higher engagement to make sure our vanity metrics look good. But none of these "hacks" are doing us any favors, and are in fact against Instagram policy as well. They're just like putting a bandage on a wound that needs stitches - your stitches are a symbol for creating better strategies for your content. Here are a few of the things you should not do:

    • Buy followers
    • Buy engagement
    • Automate your comments and engagement
    • Create engagement pods/boost groups
    • Follow/unfollow methods

    To dive in more into detail, watch our webinar in full below and get all the notes and discussion on how we have all dealt with the algorithm and continue to work with it instead of having it work against us!

    Watch the Full Webinar Recap Here!



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