Webinar Recap: Making Stories Planning Even Easier with PLANOLY and StoriesEdit

    May 23 2019

    With storytelling and planning, Instagram Stories can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of content to choose from and plan out. And if you're at an event and you're overwhelmed with how much content you have...we know how stressful that can be. That's why we're here to teach you how to make it even more seamless with some valuable tips in this month's webinar. Our fresh UX on PLANOLY with the new StoryBar and StoriesEdit app will take your Stories planning to the next level!


    • Learn how you can view and plan your Stories with the PLANOLY Story Bar and Stories Planner
    • Utilizing Drafts to organize your Stories before you begin planning and scheduling
    • How to create your Stories on StoriesEdit and planning them on PLANOLY
    • Creating Stories packs to upload all at once on Instagram
    • Keys to creating a Stories reel that actually generates engagement

    First Thing's First, Why Are Stories So Important?

    If you joined us in our webinar in March, you probably heard us stress the importance of Stories. It's important to emphasize that in the three years since Stories has made it onto our feeds, it has revolutionized the way brands are thinking about content. In turn, audiences are becoming much more in tune with the content being delivered (over 500M to be exact, half of Instagram's total 1B active user count), and actively tuning back into the profiles that provide valuable content.

    "Our fresh UX on PLANOLY with the new StoryBar and StoriesEdit app will take your Stories planning to the next level!"
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    What Exactly Are 'Valuable Stories?'

    If you sell a product and your audience follows you, they are either a loyal customer or they're on the fence about buying your product but are intrigued enough by your brand and expertise to give you a follow. Take this into consideration when creating a series of valuable content for your audience. When creating your content, you should make it work for you, and it should accomplish these three things:

    1. Deepen their brand loyalty to you
    2. Let them know why they should trust you as a brand against other competitors.
    3. Drive engagement (likes, comments, and shares)

    Notice that we don't say anything about selling, because audiences hate being sold and promoted to. Switch it up on them by giving them content that they can't resist reading because it is something they will actually need. Thus, by building trust with them based on your knowledge and expertise, then you will see the actual product sales come in.

    Make a Stories Roadmap

    So how do you tie this valuable information and mold it into a Stories roadmap for your brand? First, you have to look at the performance of your previous Stories and see which kind of content performs best, and what kind of content you should avoid recreating. Once you have established that, we have made it easy for you to create a roadmap with our Storyboarding Worksheet that allows you to plan out what your story arc is going to be that will keep your audience engaged. Plan out your story and see how you will fit in the entire narrative in 7-9 Stories and how it will look as an entire package delivering one cohesive message. See more: Storyboarding for Successful Stories

    Import Stories from StoriesEdit to PLANOLY

    Once you have mapped out your Stories and shot your content (both photos and video), it's time to place everything into StoriesEdit to spruce up according to your storyboard. Once you're done, save your designs to your phone, post directly to Instagram, or upload to PLANOLY (to plan your Stories).

    Adding Stories to Your PLANOLY Stories Queue

    With our newest PLANOLY feature, StoryBar, you are able to see all your planned Stories at a glance similar to the way that you see Stories on your Instagram feed. Just begin uploading your Stories to the bar, or tap on the StoriesEdit button to customize your own templates to upload. You can also add your Instagram Stories into your Stories planner to see all of them at a glance and arrange them in the order that you want to post them (first one being the one to post first, and the last one to be the one to be posted last.) If you have a set of Stories that you need to upload at once, you can upload a multi-story set to make things even easier and upload them at once. Read more: Introducing PLANOLY's StoriesBar and Multi-Stories Uploads

    Organizing Your Stories Using Drafts

    If there are Stories that you don't want to post yet, or you are organizing to save for a later time, you can create drafts folders to make your planning even easier so you don't have tons of content in your queue as well! Read more:
    How to Use PLANOLY's Drafts Features in Your Content StrategyNew Feature: Stories Drafts

    Check Out the Entire Webinar Here!

    Now you're ready to start creating and organizing your Stories with ease. Please be sure to tag us on Instagram if these tips helped you out too - we'd love to see your work!


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