Webinar Recap: First Look at Storytelling with StoriesEdit

    April 18 2019

    In the nine years since Instagram was created, we've constantly gone through an evolution of content sharing through the platform, and with the continuous updates, features, trends, and strategies that have come to fruition over the years, it's become more than just a photo-sharing app. It's become a content destination where people come for inspiration, conversation, storytelling, that goes beyond just a pretty photo on your grid with a slick caption. And the grid isn't alone in this either -- this most definitely applies to Instagram Stories, too. Enter: StoriesEdit. With our brand new product, we want to make sure that you are always putting your best foot forward in whatever content you're putting on your Stories especially though impactful storytelling, no matter if you are a content creator, brand, or digital marketer.

    Webinar Takeaways

    • Get to know StoriesEdit and how to use it
    • Why Instagram Stories is so important
    • How to create content that gives your audience value
    • Creating a feedback loop
    • How to use StoriesEdit as a designer brand, small business, and as an influencer

    Why Instagram Stories Is So Important

    Instagram is no longer just visual, it's about the value that your content can provide your audience through photos and video, and it most definitely applies to the strength that Stories has for your brand on Instagram. Stories has allowed brands to provide audiences a more authentic view behind the brand and has allowed brands to better understand the kind of content that audiences want to see, especially with Instagram's interactive story stickers. Not only that, but Instagram Stories' constant growth shows that it is worth putting the effort to target the 500MM+ users that are using the feature today. Plus, if you're looking to target Millennials and Gen Z' rs and sell your product to them, it's critical that you tailor your Stories to showcase how your product works and how it benefits them, as they will make their purchase decisions based on Stories they can find.

    Give Your Audience Value With Your Content

    The best performing content is the type of content that provides its audience some kind of value that they can't get anywhere else. Your social channels are an extension of your brand and editorial strategy, and the more useful your content is for your audience and provides them value, the more your engagement will go up and the more likely it will be that it will get shared.

    What kind of content gets the most engagement?

    • List based content
    • How-to's and Tutorials
    • Instructionals
    • Infographics
    • Downloadables

    Continuing The Feedback Loop with Stories

    The great thing about Stories is that you are allowed to get even more engagement and real-time feedback from your audience, especially by using interactive stickers like Questions, Polls, and the Emoji Slider. Use these features strategically to your advantage to not only get to know your audience more, but also to get direct feedback from the content you're currently creating and let them have a say in your content direction. Social media is a two-way street, so with Stories, you can allow them to be involved.

    Key Examples of StoriesEdit Templates

    • Designer/Luxury Brand
    • Small Business
    • Influencer

    At the end of this webinar, you will also learn how to use StoriesEdit and customize your templates for your own brand too. If this webinar helped you and you are starting to introduce a higher level of storytelling into your content strategy for both your grid and Stories, let us know! Feel free to share with us by tagging us @planoly on Instagram!

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