Web Features on PLANOLY

    April 07 2016

    Did you know we have special features on our web dashboard that's not on our app? Here's the breakdown on our web features on www.planoly.com.

    Exclusive WEB features


    (new feature). View all your metrics (likes and comments) on your calendar and grid for every post on Instagram. Why do metrics matter? If you're a serious Instagram user, then engagement is everything! You can track your engagement on our app, but you'll have a clearer view of your metrics on our web dashboard — on the calendar and on the grid. You can even get daily metrics when you click on each day! Track which photos had better engagement on what day, month and time.

    • Turn ON or OFF your metrics with the Metrics Icon located on the top right corner of your Calendar.
    • If your screen is small, your likes or your comments will appear by itself. You can show or hide your comment metrics by clicking the "SHOW COMMENTS" / "HIDE COMMENTS" located on the top left corner of your Calendar.
    • If your screen doesn't show your likes/comments together but you want to view it all together, try expanding your window; if it still doesn't show up, try COMMAND(-) to shrink the size of your window so it can all fit in your screen.


    Do you have an assistant, intern or even a copy writer or photo editor? We built Planogr.am with a team in mind whether you're solo, small or big! You can add team members to help upload content, draft/edit captions, and even post for you. Here's how to add team members from our web dashboard:

    1. Click on MENU BAR (top right corner)
    2. Click on MY PROFILE
    3. Scroll down to TEAM MEMBERS
    4. Click on INVITE A TEAM MEMBER (an e-mail will be sent to your invited team member, once they confirm and create their password, you'll see them in your profile and can manage each member from there).

    Planoly tutorial how to add team members


    Don't want your team member to see your personal Instagram account or want certain team members to handle a specific Instagram account only? You have the ability to assign each team member to a specific Instagram account. Here's how:

    1. Click on MENU BAR (top right corner)
    2. Click on MY PROFILE
    3. Scroll down to TEAM MEMBERS
    4. Under each Team Member E-mail, CHECK the appropriate Instagram Account(s) you want each team member to have access to; UNCHECK any Instagram Account(s) if you don't want that team member to view or have access to that Instagram account.

    Planoly tutorial how to assign team members for Instagram accounts


    Don't want a team member to get push notifications? You can select who gets what by managing and assigning devices for each Instagram account. When you download our app and sign in from any device, each device gets saved on your Planogr.am account. Here's how to manage each device:

    1. Click on MENU BAR (top right corner)
    2. Click on MY PROFILE
    3. Scroll down to DEVICES
    4. Use the check boxes in this section to control which device you want to receive push notifications from which Instagram account.

    Planoly tutorial add devices


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