New PLANOLY Feature: Advanced Photo & Video Editing

    March 23 2022

    Gone are the days of editing content in a separate platform before uploading to PLANOLY – you can now edit your photos and videos all in one place! Our brand new photo and video editor allows you to customize and transform images, videos, Stories, and Reels all within PLANOLY. (Please note that this is a paid feature.) 

    Let’s dive into all the details!

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    Why Edit Photos & Videos in PLANOLY?

    Key Features

    With our advanced editor, create share-worthy content that inspires your followers.

    • Refine your aesthetic by using tools like crop, adjust lighting, and filters
    • Edit videos and Reels in a snap by easily shortening and combining clips
    • Create one-of-a-kind content with frames, stickers, text overlays and more
    • Create & design on-the-go using our mobile app –- edit and share in the moment!

    Save Time & Plan Smarter

    Using our all-in-one editor, you can simplify your social media planning and save time by eliminating extra steps and tools in your content creation process. No middleman here! That’s right–upload, visually plan, edit, and schedule your content seamlessly

    In addition, we all want to publish flawless images and videos that align with our unique brand aesthetic. Pairing PLANOLY’s visual planning grid with our virtual design tools, you can easily test out a new look and match it to your existing grid without having to edit, save, and re-upload content again from a different source.

    Transform Your Video Content & Grow Your Brand 

    Increase brand awareness and engagement with your followers using customized video content sure to delight your audience. With PLANOLY’s new video editor on the Mobile App, you have the tools to transform your Instagram Reels and Stories. 

    • Edit videos for Instagram that you can use as Reels and Stories
    • Personalize videos, combine clips, trim your content, and more
    • Adjust video sizes to align with 1:1 or 4:5 crop ratios for Instagram to successfully auto-post grid videos
    • Design reels, add cover photos, then plan and schedule with Reels Planner
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    How to Edit Photos & Videos in PLANOLY

    Upload content and then use our design assistant on our mobile app or web dashboard to add finishing touches. Please note: video editing is only available on the Mobile App.






    What Else Do I Need to Know About this Feature?

    Before you jump in, we have a couple of pointers to help you make the most out of your editing experience in PLANOLY!

    Depending on what you’d like to edit, you’ll want to head over to either the web dashboard or the mobile app to get your content polished and ready to post.


    I’m looking to edit…

    Head on over to…

    🎥  Video content & Reels for my grid

    The Grid Planner on our mobile app 

    📸  Photos for my grid

    The Grid Planner on our mobile app or web dashboard

    🤳  Photos for my Stories

    The Stories Planner on our iOS mobile app


    Our photo and video editor is still in development, so stay tuned for exciting updates to come! 

    We hope you love our new photo and video editor as much as we do. To learn more, check out our help guide article here.

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