Using Instagram's Shop Features During the Holidays

    September 17 2019

    With the launch of Instagram's new shop feature this year and the rise in popularity of online shopping, this new tool couldn't have come at a better time. The holiday season is right around the corner; it's the best time to boost and drive sales, convert shoppers, and utilize all of the shop features Instagram has to offer. Today on the blog, we're going to dive into ways that you can make the most of Instagram's Checkout feature, and how to harness its power during the holiday season! Gone are the days of having to wait in line to purchase gifts for loved ones during the holidays. Why go to the store when you can add to cart, input your cc details, and click purchase! With so many people reverting to online shopping, the e-commerce world is shaking things up with the expansion of shopping through Instagram and the many features at our fingertips! With Instagram enabling in-app checkout for all of its shoppable posts, the app has now streamlined the way that we make purchases. Instagram's primary goal is to, in a sense, become your very own digital mall. And what better way to build on this digital mall concept than during the holidays?!

    What does this mean for you? Below, we're diving into four key ways that brands and businesses can benefit from Instagram's Checkout feature. Keep reading as we expand on all four!

    Instagram Shop Feature Benefits:

    1. Promoting and Pushing Sales - The holiday season is the perfect time for promoting and pushing sales. Instagram's Checkout feature serves as a direct storefront on your profile, and automatically reaches customers that are most likely to buy from you!
    2. Boosting Product Awareness - Instagram's shop feature can boost product awareness by pushing shoppable posts to the front of your feed and showcasing them to your followers. Giving your brand access to more visibility with your audience.
    3. Converting Clicks into Sales - The more shoppable posts you create for Instagram, the more chances you have for click conversion and pushing sales. Drive traffic on your profile by boosting shoppable posts.
    4. Leveraging Your Brand - Create an incentive for shoppable posts, by promoting new content, sharing upcoming sales, etc... Instagram users tend to be more active during the holiday season when it comes to making purchases, so leveraging your power as a brand on the platform is vital.

    And, we couldn't talk about shop features without mentioning our very own sellit. Our sellit feature serves as the omnichannel of social commerce by allowing brands and businesses to embed their social content on all digital places (i.e., website, blog, Instagram, etc.) sellit is a key player when it comes to holiday strategy for social!

    With sellit, you can:

    • Create a Shoppable Image Gallery
    • Monetize Your Instagram
    • Drive Sales from Instagram
    • Push Holiday Promotions

    Learn more about our sellit features here: sellit for PLANOLY

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