How PLANOLY Uses Campaigns for Pinterest Strategies

    March 22 2021

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    How to Create a Pin Planner Campaign

    Simply click on “campaigns” in the top right corner and then find the “+ CREATE CAMPAIGN” button. From there, fill in all the required information & upload content. More details can be found by watching the tutorial here or reviewing our Pin Planner overview here. It’s important to note that PLANOLY’s Pin Planner campaigns require a paid plan. You can easily create a campaign through your Web Dashboard.

    Why Pin Planner Campaigns are Successful

    If the setup and time savings haven’t sold you just yet, there’s more to love about Pin Planner campaigns. Campaigns give you an ever-present voice on Pinterest. With 459 million monthly active users, Pinners are constantly looking for project & purchase inspiration. Pins have a longer lifespan than posts on other social media channels and are a great way to complement your content on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Using Pin Planner campaigns could increase traffic to your website or blog because you’re creating consistent content for Pinners to discover.

    Pin Planner Campaign Inspiration

    Grouping similar content themes or categories is a great way to use Pin Planner campaigns. Quotes are a popular search trend on Pinterest, which inspired us at PLANOLY to create a campaign dedicated to just inspirational quotes. You can have as many campaigns running simultaneously as you desire + you can still assign Pins to multiple boards. For example, you may have a quote Pin that also fits into your “Plants” board. Take a look at our setup below.

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    More Reasons to Love Pin Planner Campaigns

    While Pin Planner campaigns themselves are a lifesaver for us, we wanted to share a few other features we love about Pin Planner campaigns:

    • Bulk upload & manage hundreds of images & videos across multiple boards. You can upload files from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.
    • Easily mix up your content using the shuffle pins feature. This allows you to publish a variety of Pins across multiple content categories every day instead of sticking to just one category.
    • Measure performance of each Pin using our feature, Analyze. This will help you start to understand what type of content is resonating with Pinterest users.

    We may be a little biased, but campaigns are easily one of our favorite features of PLANOLY’s Pin Planner. There are so many things to love, but above all, we hope this can help you save time planning & scheduling content for Pinterest.

    Happy Pinning!

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