How to Use PLANOLY's Placeholder Feature

    November 13 2018

    How to Use PLANOLY's Placeholder Feature

    November 13 2018  |  Best Practices , PLANOLY , Instagram Planner


    If you're not aware of PLANOLY's 'Placeholder' feature, then you're in for a treat! This feature makes planning out and visualizing your grid easier than ever. Our Social Media Coordinator and Creative Director use this feature on a daily basis when it comes to mapping out the PLANOLY grid. The 'Swapping' feature also works hand-in-hand with 'Placeholders', and allows you to add a temporary customizable placeholder that you can later replace with your actual image. Continue reading more about this feature and a step-by-step guide on how to use it! Planoly-Blog-Post-How-to-Use-Planoly’s-Placeholder-Feature-Image-4-1

    But First, Placeholders

    'Placeholders' are temporary squares that you can customize with different colors and labels while planning out your grid. The purpose of a 'Placeholder' is to save the spot on your grid until you determine what image or content you want to swap in to that specific location on your grid. They're essentially fillers on your PLANOLY grid, and they're super helpful when you're editing images, waiting to receive content, or are unsure of what you want to post. *Planoly Tip: Choose a 'Placeholder' color that matches your grid, and label it with a date, emoji's, or short description so you know exactly what image you want to swap it out for. For example: If you're going to a brunch event, and you know you're going to include an image from that event, add a 'Placeholder' with a bottle of champagne and egg emoji to hold its place until you have the content. Another great idea is to label your placeholder with the specific date you want to post each content. Planoly-Blog-Post-How-to-Use-Planoly’s-Placeholder-Feature-Image-5-1

    How to Use Placeholders

    1. Tap on the '+' in the bottom center for mobile, or click on 'Add New Media' for desktop.
    2. Select 'Placeholder'.
    3. Pick your color swatch.
    4. Type in a label if you know what you want to replace this 'Placeholder' with (i.e: "selfie", use emojis for fun, or a specific date).
    5. Add 1 to 3 placeholders at a time!

    *Planoly Tip:If your grid is in a certain order and you don't want it to mess it up, add in the exact number of 'Placeholders' that will keep it's order, then plan it out accordingly. For example: Planoly's grid is planned out with sets of 9 color themes at a time. We would upload 3 'Placeholders' at a time so that we won't lose our order.

    Next, We Swap

    Once you have your desired content to post in place of your placeholder, it's time to swap it out! You can also use the 'Swapping' feature for content other than 'Placeholders' if you change your mind about anything else on your grid or re-edit a photo. Swap content out wherever you need or want to!

    How to Swap Content on Your PLANOLY Grid

    1. Go to your PLANOLY grid & select the 'Placeholder' or content you want to swap.
    2. Once selected, tap on the image.
    3. Tap on the 'Swap' icon in the top right corner for mobile, or on the bottom left for desktop.
    4. Select your source and choose the content you want to swap.
    5. Your previous content will then be replaced with the new chosen image, and you can finalize your planning from there!


    *IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that your captions will still be saved if you swap out your content, but any direct URL links you've added will be deleted. If you previously added a link and end up swapping out your content for this specific post, you will have to add the link again and save. We hope you find this feature to be as helpful as we do! It works especially well when multiple people are working together on planning out a grid. Let us know how you're using this feature to plan out your Instagram grid on PLANOLY, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!


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