Content Discovery: How to Use PLANOLY's Discover Feature

    March 29 2021

    What is the Discover Feature

    Discover is our feature in IG Planner that allows you to search user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram. Search for content by either typing in the username or hashtag. Use the discover feature to find content inspiration or regram the content you’re tagged in. It’s available both on our mobile app and web dashboard.

    Why We Love the Discover Feature

    We love the discover feature because it makes finding the posts you’re tagged in seamless. Plus, it's a great feature for content discovery. Once you search and choose a piece of content, add it effortlessly to your PLANOLY grid to get it scheduled. The discover feature also includes a wide range of free stock photos for you to use - which is perfect if you’re looking to add more content to your grid or get inspiration. 

    Who Can Access the Discover Feature

    To access the discover feature, you must have a linked Instagram Business account to PLANOLY that’s authenticated with a Facebook business page. Creator and personal accounts cannot access the discover feature at this time. Learn here how to check your Instagram profile type.

    How to Use the Discover Feature

    As mentioned above, the discover feature is available on both our mobile app and web dashboard. Watch our PLANOLY Academy videos to learn exactly how to use the discover feature—learning extra tips and tricks along the way!






    What Else You Should Know About the Discover Feature

    When searching by username in the discover feature, make sure to type in the exact Instagram handle. You do not need to include the at (@) sign when doing this. It’s important to note that usernames will not automatically populate when typing, so that’s why you must type in the exact Instagram handle. Private or personal Instagram handles will not show in searches (only Instagram business and creator profiles). When searching by hashtag in the discover feature, don’t include the hashtag symbol (#).

    Digital Property: The Importance in Always Asking for Permission When Regramming

    It’s no surprise that there is so much beautiful, inspiring, and educational content on social media platforms. As a creator or brand, it’s natural to want to share it with your followers. There’s something magical about promoting others’ content. It provides opportunities for connection, sharing the limelight, and fostering discussion. However, there’s a big difference between simply sharing content and taking content. 

    This leads us to address the elephant in the (digital) room: There have been people who have reposted content (which they did not originally create) and do not give credit to the creator. Whether someone does this intentionally or not, we encourage you to think of this as stealing another’s digital property, which is never okay. 

    Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a share button on Instagram grid posts? Well, this is on purpose and for a few reasons. One of these reasons is to avoid copyright infringement. According to Instagram’s Terms of Use, “you may use someone else's works under exceptions or limitations to copyright and related rights under applicable law.” Simply put, the user who created the original post owns the copyright to that image. 

    What Should You Always Do

    To remain fair and ethical, we always recommend reaching out to the original content creator and asking permission when regramming content. If you get permission, make sure to give credit to the creator when crafting your caption! Or if someone asks you not to share their work, thank them for their time and respect their wish.

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