Upload and Schedule to Pinterest with PLANOLY's Mobile Pin Planner

    October 09 2019

    Our latest mobile update is for all of the Pinner's out there! You can now upload and schedule to Pinterest directly from PLANOLY's Pin Planner on mobile. Pinterest is becoming increasingly more important in the digital space, so maintaining your presence on the platform should be a priority! With 300 million people using Pinterest every month globally (and counting), it's only going to become more important to include in your marketing strategy. Our new update gives you the ability to upload and schedule Pins with ease...all from your phone! Without further ado, let's dive into how to use PLANOLY's Pin Planner for mobile.

    How to Upload and Schedule Pins on PLANOLY's Pin Planner for Mobile

    1. Open the PLANOLY app on your phone.
    2. Tap on the More (...) icon in the bottom right corner.
    3. Tap 'Switch Accounts' to swap over to your Pin Planner account. *Note: If you have no Pins uploaded or scheduled, you'll get a pop-up that tells you that you have no Pins.
    4. Tap on the Plus (+) icon in the bottom middle of your screen to upload a Pin.
    5. Select the visual content that you want to upload and schedule to your media library.
    6. Once uploaded, your unscheduled content will live in the Library.
    7. Tap on the desired content you want to schedule. From here, you can add in your Pin title, Pin description, and Pin URL. You can also select a previously existing board or create a new board. *Note: Your Pin title & URL are required, but your Pin description is optional.
      • To create a board, tap on the Plus (+) icon. You can make your board public or secret. *Note: If it's a secret board, a lock icon will appear to the right of the name on the board list.
    8. Toggle the Schedule button on, and add in your desired time and date to publish. *Note: All of your scheduled Pins will appear in the Scheduled tab with a blue S Icon in the top left corner, and will show the board name, as well as the scheduled date and time.
    9. From there, your Pin will automatically publish! Easy as can be.
      *Pin Planner Tip: Tap on the Published view to see all of your previously published Pins (even if they weren't scheduled using our Pin Planner!).

    The best part of this update is that your Pins will be automatically published, so all you need to do is schedule and the rest of the work is done for you! Pin Planner on mobile is perfect for scheduling your Pins on the go, or when you can't get to your computer. All of your scheduled Pins will show up in chronological order, descending from left to right and top to bottom. Check out our Mobile Pin Planner video on IGTV for a visual guide on how it works! We hope you love this new Pin Planner update for mobile! Stay tuned for more Pin Planner updates coming soon.


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