Top 10 Favorite Halloween Costumes of 2016

    November 11 2016

    Halloween has come and gone, but we're taking one last look at some of the costumes we loved the most. These bloggers and DIY creators know how to keep it fun and fashionable. Take a peek through some of our favorites to get inspired and start planning for next year.
    Top 10 Favorite Halloween Costumes of 2016 - PLANOLY Blog - sincerelyjules

    1. @sincerelyjules nailed the whimsical mermaid look. Her sparkly top paired with seashells and layered necklaces looks perfect paired with the seashell crown. Gold shimmer dusted on her arms and face finishes the look beautifully.
    Top 10 Favorite Halloween Costumes of 2016 - PLANOLY Blog - lilylove213 chiaraferragni

    2. We are so impressed with @lilylove213's Dia de Los Muertos Halloween costume. Her makeup is flawless, along with the huge flowers scattered in her hair. She looks absolutely beautiful!

    3. @chiaraferragni channeled her inner Eleven from 'Stranger Things' for Halloween. She had a blonde wig, dirt all over her, "blood" coming out of her nose, and Eggo waffles, of course. Perfection.
    Top 10 Favorite Halloween Costumes of 2016 - PLANOLY Blog - aww sam

    4. @aww.sam is a costume guru every day of the year, and Halloween is no exception. She was a beautiful disco Barbie this year! We're so impressed with her costume-making abilities. Everything about her costumes is flawless!
    Top 10 Favorite Halloween Costumes of 2016 - PLANOLY Blog - celestecclark keikolynn

    5. @celestecclark got creative and decided to be a garden, while her significant was a garden gnome. This costume looks fairly simple to put together as well. She wore a flowy dress with a flower crown, but you could probably take this look to the next level by adding flowers all over your dress as well. The doggie gnome makes this costume even cuter!

    6. @keikolynn stunned us with her incredible deer costume. She is definitely the prettiest deer we've ever come across! Her flawless makeup takes this costume to the next level, and adding a flower crown and antlers completes the look.
    Top 10 Favorite Halloween Costumes of 2016 - PLANOLY Blog - colormecourtney ohjoy gummergal rclayton

    7. We love @colormecourtney's simple and adorable strawberry costume. Courtney added white "seeds" to a red dress, and paired it with a green purse and a green stem to finish the look. She looks berry sweet!

    8. We're obsessed with the way that @ohjoy dressed up her little babes! They are the cutest stars we've ever seen. This costume looks so adorable and comfy for the little ones. Adding sparkly face paint makes it even better!

    9. Who doesn't love a good Princess Bride throwback?! @gummergal and her boo hit the nail on the head with this Buttercup and Westley duo. Couple costumes are always the best!

    10. @rclayton transforms into bubble gum or 'pop culture' and we are loving it! All it takes is a pink dress, some lettering, and lots of pink balloons. Plus, you get to chew bubblegum all night, so that makes it even better!


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