4 Tips to Plan Better with a Team on Instagram

    March 05 2020

    It's often said that it takes a village to raise a child. All the same, so does managing a digital one on Instagram. For us, community and collaboration are driving factors in creating both compelling and dynamic content. No matter the nature of your business, it's important to allow the opportunity for another pair of fresh eyes to provide feedback and ideas in order to create a diverse narrative for your feed. When it comes to planning, it can be tricky to establish a consistent foundation in which everyone is on the same page. From Instagram takeovers with influencers to onboarding new team members, here are four tips that will help you plan better on Instagram.

    Create a Style or Brand Guide

    Instagram or not, any business in the digital age should establish a basic framework that provides a focused aesthetic, brand voice, and positioning. For visual content, this is especially important whenever introducing new team members or creators into the mix so that they stay aligned. Make sure to allow room for refinement and opportunities to build upon your aesthetic – luckily, PLANOLY makes this easy. Your PLANOLY grid allows a visual preview to get a sense of the look and feel that you can use as a reference to include within a style guide to send to content partners. It's a fast and easy way for everyone to get a sense of what to expect when the content goes live and allow for an opportunity to change things up before the content goes live.

    Strength in Numbers

    When creating an effective planning strategy, take advantage of the fact that you have a team in place with a common goal in mind! Planning with a team doesn't necessarily mean having everyone physically creating content. If you find that it works best for you, delegate important tasks to your team to help the group plan better. This can range from data analytics, content strategy, or general research to maintain the integrity of your brand.

    Use PLANOLY Features

    Customize Your PLANOLY Plan
    Make it smooth and seamless when assigning team members to specific accounts. Create custom plans to choose the number of additional users or social profiles that you'd like to add to your plan for both Instagram and Pinterest.


    Use the PLANOLY Plan Report Feature

    Create a better workflow and streamline your content by incorporating our PLANOLY plan report tool into the mix. Easily share your draft Instagram posts with your team members to review and share an open line of communication when aligning on content. Web dashboard view of where PLANOLY's plan report is located at.

    Brainstorm IRL

    While it's easy to find yourself head down in full work-mode, there's just as much inspiration and productivity to be had when turning away from the screen. Planning with and for the team should start at the most human level. Allot face time to talk about what's working and what's not working. You can take this one step further by getting out of the office and stepping outside your home or office. And, with a creative team by your side, there's no end to the inspiration and opportunity ahead. There are many entry points that help you and your team to plan better. Allow PLANOLY to assist by leveraging our scheduling tools, Sellit, and plan report. After all, leaders aren't always defined by what they do. Oftentimes, leaders are discovered not solely by how they manage people, but the resources they use to reach team goals.

    The PLANOLY mobile app and web dashboard simplifies social media marketing by allowing you to visually plan, schedule, and analyze your Instagram and Pinterest content.


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