Thimblepress: Crafting Content w/ Your Customer in Mind

    October 17 2017

    Thimblepress is known for their beautiful goods focusing on bright colors, lovely design, and innovation. They create a huge variety of high-quality party supplies, journals, planners, greeting cards, art prints, and so much more! We love their joyful attitude and positivity that radiates from every item they create; they strive to deliver happiness through their products, and they are certainly succeeding! We were so lucky to chat with their marketing/PR director, as well as the founder, about how they formed and continue to flourish. Read on to find out their top tips when it comes to creating content, how they stay within their brand identity, and where they find inspiration.

    Hi Kate! Please introduce yourself and Thimblepress.

    Hi! How's it going? My name is Kate Freeman, and I am the marketing & PR director at Thimblepress®! I have been in this position for almost two years! Before that, I was the retail sales manager for Thimblepress, where I managed our retail shop online and in-store and handled all the customer service! I am a local artist and painter living in Jackson, Mississippi. I am getting married in November and have two siblings, one of which is a twin brother. :) I love all things fashion, hot tea, cats, outdoors, camping, self-care, and meditation. Thimblepress came to be in 2011 when Kristen Ley (owner, artist, and Creative Director) started painting and printing on a letterpress in her garage. She bought a 1925 10 x 15 Chandler + Price from Lexington, KY, hauled it back to Mississippi, and that's how Thimblepress came to be (way before I came along ha!). The brand and company have developed immensely since then; we now have six full-time employees and 5 part-time employees. Oh and at least 3-5 furry babies that come to work with us each day!
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    Describe what Thimblepress is and what your day-to-day looks like.

    Thimblepress® is a company that creates items to elevate the spaces in your life & celebrate life's moments, big & small! From greeting cards to Push-Pop Confetti™ we produce all the goodies that make you smile. :) My day-to-day is always different. I start with a cup of coffee or green tea; then I check the @thimblepress social media accounts; respond back to messages, greet our new followers, etc.! Following that, I plan for the week via social media - that's how PLANOLY comes into play. PLANOLY makes our lives so much easier; we are HUGE planners, so it keeps us organized! After checking and planning social media, it's a whole mesh of good stuff like blogging, marketing, researching, writing and listening; we are always busy here at Thimblepress®! Kristen and I work very closely to make each social media outlet look stunning - we try our hardest, are very strategic, and we plan, plan, plan! I try to get some meditation time in throughout the day and always listen to calming music throughout my work day. Kristen has 2 Goldendoodles, Willow and Henry, who live upstairs with her, so they always make us smile and give us a little comedic relief throughout the day! When my day comes to a close, I try to make sure my desk is clean, everything is set for the night via social media, and I make my to-do list for the following day. Give the pups a kiss and then leave and head home to be with my sweet kitty cat!

    Your IG is fab! How would you describe your aesthetic and what are your top 3 tips when it comes to crafting creative content that speaks to your brand and customers?

    Kate: Thank you, thank you!!! We work super hard to make our Instagram aesthetically pleasing to all!! I would say our aesthetic is all about color, happiness, positivity with a quirky little edge to it. We love all things girlie but also like to add a little weirdness every now and again to keep our fans on their toes! My three tips are:

    1. Have an open mind about what you post, just because you didn't get 1,000 likes, doesn't mean it's not good!!

    2. Be strategic about how the first six photos fit together on Instagram and how they all look together. That is a new customer's first glance into your world via Instagram, so you want it to look cohesive and pleasing.

    3. Finally, we always stay upbeat and positive when we write out posts and pictures. It's nice to go to an Instagram account that is positive!

    Kristen: The aesthetic of Thimblepress is rooted in our core values. We want the images to be colorful and fun, encourage kindness & exploration, celebrate others and speak to the authenticity of our brand. We want people to feel the joy we have when they view our Instagram. We work hard as a team to develop content that is relevant, and we love to push ourselves to innovate more and help our customers experience our brand more through our content.

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    You have such a wide variety of products! How do you come up with new product ideas and how do you stay within your brand identity? What advice do you have when it comes to branding and keeping your brand voice consistent?

    Kristen: We do have a wide variety of products. As an artist, I feel like we go through periods that are inspired by our mood, the colors we love & what is relevant. The consistency in our brand lies in our core values as a company. Every product we create we reflect it back to those values. I think it is also essential to know your customer. We know who our shopper is, and she is amazing and unique. She loves expressing herself through something as simple as a colorful desk notepad to the crazy, colorful, and interactive Push-Pop Confetti. She values friendship and family, and is always looking for ways to celebrate others and herself! She loves to be surrounded by positive and inspirational energy and wants to inspire others through her individuality and confidence.

    How does your team find inspiration for work? What advice do you have for aspiring creatives wanting to break into this field?

    Kate: I love a good morning tea + Pinterest research. We all know how inspirational Pinterest can be - there are so many good ideas out there! We are also inspirited by other brands and creative artists; there are some seriously talented men and women out there. Getting outside, camping, walking, biking. . . nature is a huge source of inspiration! Plus, it gives our brains a minute to relax and explore. My advice is to just go for it, jump in with 2 feet! Life is too short to be scared and hold back, so what you love and love what you do. We are all artists, in some way, form or fashion... so put your dreams and talent out there! Kristen: Inspiration can be found everywhere, you just have to be in the mindset to receive it. It can be found on a walk down the street observing nature. I often find it when I am not working; when my brain is shut off from emails and tasks. When I travel, my eyes are wide open to color, culture, and experiences that aren't my average day-to-day. Often, we have to push ourselves outside of our daily comforts to grow. Even if I am not traveling, I am so inspired by all the amazing and talented people on social media creating content every day. I am consistently blown away by what I see on Instagram. There is a whole world of inspirational wonder just sitting in your phone/tablet. You only have to view it as that and not get caught up in comparing yourself.


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