THERAGUN Talks Snackable Content and Inclusive Instagram Language

    March 06 2020

    Increase blood flow and decrease tension; these are just a few of the perks that the innovative and original percussive therapy device, known as Theragun, delivers. That said, the social team at Theragun is keenly focused on sharing those benefits with its community.Theragun's biggest inspiration comes from its founder, Dr. Jason Wersland, who created the first-ever contraption in his garage after a motorcycle accident resulting in severe tissue damage and chronic pain and graduating from chiropractic school. With that in mind, if the content Theragun wants to put out is something Dr. Jason would say or do, then they believe they're building the most authentic representation of the brand in their feed.Here, the team shares why it's important to spark conversation, finding your signature style with filters, words, and graphics, and the secret to "snackable" content.

    When it comes to Instagram, what is most important to Theragun?

    At Theragun, the most important aspect of Instagram is community. Our content strategy strives to spark conversation. We aim to speak to our audience, not at them, especially because our space is very technical and requires education. We are very fortunate to have a high social media active community; so much of our presence on Instagram is on their behalf. So, we make it a priority to interact with them on their own posts and stories on a regular basis.Interacting with our community involves two key practices. Firstly, we use inclusive language in both comments and captions, like "you," "us," or "we." This way, our audience is made a part of every post we create. Secondly, we try to respond to (and like) as many comments and 3rd party posts as we can, so that our audience knows that we see them just as much as they see us.

    PLANOLY is about making lives easier for social media users and organizing their content. How do you strategize your feed and stories?

    The grid layout on PLANOLY is an integral part of our content strategy. We typically plan anywhere from one week to one month of Instagram content at a time, even if a fair amount of that content is in the form of PLANOLY's placeholders. At a very high level, our strategy begins with outlining the different pillars of our company and community (ex: education vs. events), and then we work to create content within those pillars and create a schedule that evenly highlights each of them.

    What are your best social photography or editing tips for bloggers using their phones?

    My advice is to find your style (with filters, writing, and graphics over images) and stick to it. The plethora of editing apps and features within these apps can make it seem like "the more, the merrier," but that can make content appear busy and unfocused. At Theragun, we use styles on social that closely adhere to our brand's visual guidelines and typefaces. The goal is this: make your brand look and feel recognizable. You want your audience to know that the content is yours without having to see your handle.

    What are the biggest challenges for Theragun's Instagram?

    Our biggest challenge on Instagram is ensuring that we are speaking to every corner of our diverse community. Even though Theragun rose to popularity within the athletic space, we want potential users to know that our product is safe and effective for everybody. There are so many everyday lifestyle applications for Theragun such as tech neck, sleep, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel, and we work hard to balance our content calendar to connect with all users and use cases.

    How did you initially grow on Instagram?

    The secret to our Instagram growth is a mix of "snackable" (content that induces that same effect; you can't walk away from it, and you're left saying, "Oh, I'll just have one more") content and engagement. As a growing channel, it helps to serve your audience content that they could sit there and watch for hours. Through posting up-and-coming viral videos in the fitness space and our signature "slow-mo waves," (videos of Theragun in use taken using the slow-mo video feature on smartphones—creating a mesmerizing ripple effect on the skin that you just can't look away from) we increased our viewership and discoverability. Engagement is the second half of our secret sauce. From the get-go, we have prioritized community engagement by constantly interacting with our audience across Instagram and other channels.

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