The Ultimate Influencer Campaign Checklist

    May 30 2019

    Hi everyone! Adriana here, and today we're going to chat about the exciting and fun topic of Influencer Campaigns. You've just landed an amazing paid campaign with your absolute dream brand! All that hard work has finally paid off!! Now what? How should you begin the process when it comes to creating desired content for your new campaign collaboration? How do you keep the partnership alive even after the campaign is over? Below, we're going to talk about everything you need to know whenever you're getting ready to work on an influencer campaign. We'll break down a few different steps involved throughout the process, as well as chat about dos and don'ts when creating sponsored content. We're also attaching a downloadable checklist for you to keep on hand when you're crafting and creating content for your partnership. Read on for more tips and tricks!

    "How do you keep the partnership alive even after the campaign is over?"
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    1. Read the scope of work: You've just signed the necessary documents to begin work on your influencer campaign. What's next? Make sure you thoroughly read through the scope of work so that you understand all of the deliverables, content deadlines, and post requests for each social platform required.


    2. Know your content deadlines: Knowing your content deadlines is the first step in making sure you're staying on top of your project. I like creating a list of deadlines for each deliverable. When I need to email drafts or items that have been purchased for the campaign, when social content and blog posts need to go live, and by what date I need to send the invoice over - making a list of these will help you keep track of it all!


    3. Understand the deliverables: Make sure you thoroughly understand and have read through all of the deliverables. And, don't worry about reaching out to the brand if you have any questions! They're always more than happy to help throughout the content creation process.


    4. Do additional research on the brand:Before you begin creating content for the campaign, it's always great to do a little extra research on the brand you're working with. This will help you to create better, more engaging content for your followers to enjoy.


    5. Get creative with your content: The best part about being accepted to an influencer campaign is that, 1. You know the brand loves your content, 2. They love your voice and excitement towards their brand, 3. They're looking forward to seeing you create organic and authentic content that's catered to your audience and theirs! Use this time to create a fresh and fun perspective within your content by sharing your own unique take on why you love the brand and what makes it special to you.


    6. Have fun with the copy: Don't forget to HAVE FUN! Always take time to enjoy the process by having fun with the content that you're creating. The more fun you can inject into the posts, the more you're readers will love engaging with it!


    7. Go above and beyond: Remember, this brand chose you for a reason. Always try to go above and beyond for the brands that you collaborate with because it shows them how much the partnership means to you. I take extra time to make sure that my copy for blog posts and social requirements are good (usually by reading over them a few times!), check all images to make sure that the resolution and clarity are high, and include any little extras that I feel the brand might appreciate.


    8. Create additional content: Speaking of little extras - It's always a great idea to create additional content for the brands that you're partnering with. This will show them how much you value the partnership, and that you made an extra effort to create "bonus" content for them to use across social. (This will boost your post visibility as well!)


    9. Deliver all assets on time:Always deliver all of your assets on time. You want to show the brand that you're serious about the campaign, and that you didn't want anything to fall through the cracks along the way.


    10. Check back in with the brand: After you've submitted all of your assets to the brand, it's great to check back in with them and make sure they've received everything that they needed and that the campaign is good-to-go and ready to sign-off on!


    11. Send a thank you card and follow-up email:Follow up with each brand that you work with by sending a thank you card, or if you're pressed for time you can send a thank you email! Mention how much you loved working with the brand, how your readers are loving the content, additional stats on social shares, and how you'd like to be considered for other collaborations with them in the future.

    Download Our Influencer Campaign Checklist Here!


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