The Nue Co. on Social Media Art Direction and Why Less is Always More

    June 01 2020

    When it comes to Instagram, what is most important to The Nue Co.? 

    Instagram really helps to create a two-way conversation, allowing direct communication to the consumer, which is great for them and for us. I am regularly looking at our reviews and constantly learning from our customer base, which helps when building new products or improving existing ones.

    How has PLANOLY been an asset to The Nue Co.?

    PLANOLY has been an asset by ensuring consistency in our art direction. The support of planning ahead and efficient time management helps for the smooth running of content. Our biggest learning was utilizing the platform for both publishing as well as feed layout. Our audience is constantly changing and PLANOLY is a very helpful tool for how to navigate and better adapt and relate to our customers, from a product standpoint and an aesthetically pleasing one.

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    What are your best social photography or editing tips for beauty bloggers using their phones?

    Less is more! Our aesthetic as a whole is very minimalistic and neutral, but it's important to try new things when taking photos and editing. We feel it's better to take too many shots than not enough, as you can find some gems when going through the editing process. We also recommend keeping an eye on what your audience is attracted to and what's engaging them from a visual standpoint.

    What are the biggest challenges for The Nue Co.’s Instagram? 

    Our consumer is always changing and it’s very important to us that we grow with them. Being that Instagram is a visual platform, we are always learning how we can better educate our customers on our products in an interesting, yet approachable way. With us being a supplement brand, it’s crucial that customers are able to view our page visually and be able to get a sense of who we are, what our products are, and how they envision them in their own daily routines.

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    What is your average engagement and how did you initially grow on Instagram? Can you provide any metrics?

    Our followers have grown by 150% in the last 12 months. Our purpose-driven campaigns have made the biggest impact with +300% engagement rate for our We’re Not Really Strangers partnership, [a guerilla marketing campaign that posted questions about mental health — such as “Are you here right now, or somewhere else?” and “How are you, really?”


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