The Midyear Focus: Strategizing for the Next 6 Months Ahead

    June 04 2019

    With June's arrival, it means a brand new half of the year! It's now time to pat yourself on the back and find the closest person to you and give them a big high-five. We made it!! We've officially reached the middle of the year! Side Note: is the year flying by for anyone else, or is it just us? We can't believe it's already June! The middle of the year is great for so many reasons. It allows us to switch gears, refocus, regroup, and shift or restructure some of our goals for the months ahead. We want to look at everything again with fresh eyes, and June's arrival helps us do just that. Gaining a fresh perspective lets us look back on all that we accomplished at the beginning of the year, and in turn, helps us plan for all that we want to do in the remaining half of the year. Now, we can gain a fresh, new outlook on our goals plus create a brand new to-do list for the months to come. And, we can also reevaluate the areas that we want to improve in, as well as think through what we want to accomplish next.

    5 Ways to Strategize For the Months Ahead


    Reflect on the previous six months and look for opportunities and areas in your business plan that you can work on or possibly give more time to. The more you can dedicate time to your goals, and set aside hours of your day to map out and add to your business strategy - the better.


    Get ready for the next six months by planning for the following: blog content, upcoming brand collaborations, new ventures, and more. Keep a calendar or schedule for the next few months to track everything that you're working on and the goals that you have for the rest of the year. PLANOLY Pro Tip: Our Goal Setting Worksheet is great for this!


    Start prepping all upcoming content for the weeks and months ahead, and don't forget to take advantage of our many content calendars to do so! Writing things down and scheduling everything out will help you stay on top of all the things you're working on and in turn will create consistency for upcoming projects.


    Now, it's time to create! Have fun gathering inspiration, working on new content, and diving into the creative process. Refer back to all that you have outlined on your content calendar so you can stay on top of your to-do list.


    Make sure to evaluate performance on previous and current posts, partnerships, collaborations, and so on. Keep track of your analytics and your top performing posts so that you can see what you need to build on and work towards for the next year ahead!

    We hope these five steps above help you strategize for success during the last six months of the year! Here's to finishing 2019 strong, and looking forward to a great 2020 to come.


    Download our Monthly Strategy Worksheet Here!



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