The Importance of Comment Management

    June 07 2016

    The Importance of Comment Management

    June 07 2016  |  Best Practices


    In our previous article we touched on the importance of planning content that inspires comments, but what about when you get to the point of actually having to manage all of these conversations? We pose this question at a new and exciting time in Planoly's history. The recent introduction of their comment management and insights tools allows for new ways of understanding how to effectively track and respond to comments on your posts. If that's not enough to convince you, below are a few points that better speak to the added value that comes with taking time to communicate in real-time.

    Lead by Example

    While there is value in posting original and compelling content, there's something to be said for cultivating a conversation around it. In our minds, brands like Warby Parker are leaders in this space when it comes to commenting back to their followers. Whether it's providing clarification on product styles, confirming event details, or simply saying hello they are a part of a new wave of socially-conscious, lifestyle-driven brands who are at the forefront of a new kind of "strategy" one that prides itself on authenticity, responsiveness, and general interest in what their customers have to say.

    Tag You're It

    Comments are a crucial gateway to building your Instagram following - but being able to take that conversation to another page only opens you and your brand up to new social opportunity. We always find ourselves referring to the smaller (but still thriving!) brands who cultivate conversation with other users, both individual tastemakers and brands, with whom they relate to on a personal and professional level. More tangible examples of this (from our own experience) include brands like Modavanti and emerging influencers including Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee. They are the perfect examples of those who are taking commenting to the next level by capitalizing on the opportunities on their own Instagram page and in turn, paying it forward by championing community and conversation with those they admire on their posts.

    From Comments To Community

    While it's equally important to remain engaged on your own page, there comes a point where these conversations must take place in an entirely new settings. While Instagram, and generally social media, is an important aspect of modern business we've seen cases where it breeds new and important conversations for a brand in its' entirety. Take Glossier for example, who has an incredibly loyal and engaged following that identify with the product, lifestyle, and "Glossier girl" (#glossierpink anyone?). Recently many of their users have used Instagram comments as a way to share feedback, and more importantly ask about restocking products. As a follow up to these comments, Into The Gloss posted a letter that addressed their commenters collectively and went onto explain the situation. This is a prime example of the power that comes with acknowledging your Instagram community's needs and desires on a larger scale. While Glossier's response may not have included commenting back to every single user, they prove that engagement and community-building can begin simply by taking the time to listen.

    Watch this

    PLANOLY now makes it easy for users to track and reply to comments all on one place on both iOS devices and web dashboard. Watch the easy tutorial videos for both app and web platform.




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