The Edit with Hannah Baxter of Coveteur

    January 13 2019

    We covet Hannah Baxter’s eclectic sense of style. As an esteemed fashion editor at the industry-leading platform, Coveteur, Hannah is constantly surrounded by creative innovators with a sense of style that is all their own — and living in NYC also doesn’t hurt when it comes to seeking out some of the boldest style inspiration around! However, as most city professionals know, it’s essential to have a foundation of neutral wardrobe basics that can take them from the workplace to a night on the town. Hannah is no stranger to this idea, and despite her penchant for the unexpected (read: #slimewatch2k18!), Hannah rose to the occasion when styling a few looks featuring a few of our favorite STLK brands — proving once again that less (color) can truly be more (especially when adding in a few autumnal textures and accents to complete the look). Meet Hannah below, who shares her neutral work-style and shares more about her career journey.

    “Hey I’m Hannah (@hannahbaxward), and I’m an editor at a luxury lifestyle website, Coveteur. I cover both fashion and beauty, which means I’m able to discover a ton of new brands on both sides and learn about each industry’s major players. In this day and age, a lot of that happens via social media. Digital media has had to embrace Instagram as a necessary component of its continued success, which means us editors must constantly be active and engaged in every aspect of the digital space. It’s my job to find and foster the most promising new talent and be a part of shaping the cultural zeitgeist. It’s endlessly fun and challenging.”

    “I don’t believe that New Yorkers always wear all-black — I feel like that’s an outdated stereotype. Sure, there are days when I find myself or my friends wearing all-black, but that’s mostly because a monochromatic outfit is easy and always looks cool. But I think New Yorkers naturally have an incredible sense of style because we’re exposed to the best fashion, art, and culture in the world, and that means we want to wear lots of different pieces with unique patterns and colors. It really just depends on how you’re feeling that day. But now with social media, everyone can see what their friends and favorite accounts are wearing and develop their own personal style. It’s never been easier to find the clothes, shoes, and accessories that make you feel like the best version of yourself.”

    “I’ve only ever worked in digital media except for my very first job at a print literary magazine after college. I used to work in the jewelry industry, but even that focused on developing a brand presence online. Technology has made our world so fast-paced that it only makes sense that the media has adapted to cater to our new speed of life. I definitely still love print, but digital media is my home, and I love how accessible it is for everyone around the world.”

    “If I’m going to wear a more neutral look I love to play with proportions, like with an oversized blazer, or a cropped flare pant. Little details like that keep the color palette feeling fresh and allows me to style my staple sweaters and cardigans in a variety of ways. I’m also never afraid to pile on the accessories, whether it’s a chunky bangle, a delicate drop earring, or a structured bag, and when in doubt, a bold red lip pulls the whole outfit together.”

    “Instagram is essential for building your personal brand, especially if you want to work in fashion. This is a visual business, and you have to show that you have a point of view and an aesthetic that is unique to you. If you think potential employers or collaborators aren’t looking at your page with a critical eye, you’re underestimating the industry. Treat it as an opportunity to show the world what you’re about. There’s no escaping the power of social media, so I’ve embraced it and used it as a tool to express who I am and what I like to do with my time. If you want to break into fashion, I think your Instagram is 100% the first interview for a potential job. Lure them in with your digital self and then wow them in person. They’ll see you’re the total package and you’ll have the best chance at landing your dream gig.”

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