The Business of Influencing: Answering Pinterest Questions

    July 01 2019

    Hi friends! Adriana here, and I'm so excited to bring you another installment of our "The Business of Influencing" blog series. Today, we're going to be talking about all things Pinterest! I'll be answering some of the questions that you submitted, and will be diving into everything you need to know when it comes to Pinterest tips & strategy. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go ahead and dive in!

    When it comes to driving traffic to your profile: Is it better to re-share popular posts on Pinterest or to create original content?

    When it comes to Pinterest, it's best to create strategic content that's centered around your own original content. This will help to drive more traffic back to your website or blog, and will in turn help to spread the word about your brand. The more engagement you can create around your brand, the better!

    "Pinterest, for the most part, is a sharing platform to help drive traffic."
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    Is Pinterest a selling/buying platform? Or it is just to share info and pictures?

    Pinterest, for the most part, is a sharing platform to help drive traffic. While you can integrate advertising and selling/buying onto the platform through your content with the use of Buyable Pins - it's essentially more of a sharing tool to drive engagement towards your website's content and accelerate traffic on already published posts. To learn more about 'Buyable' or 'Shop the Look Pins,' head here.

    How impactful is Pinterest in the wine industry?

    That's a great question! I definitely feel that Pinterest has the ability to service several different industries. When it comes to wine - you can watch what brands like Winc Wines and Vinebox do to elevate their presence on Pinterest. It's all about re-sharing, staying active on the platform, and keeping their followers up-to-date with their product.

    Is it important to engage in comments on Pinterest? Do people really use it in that way?

    It's always great to engage as much as you can on any social platform. The more you engage with others, the more visibility there will be for you and your brand. It all comes down to driving traffic back to your website, and what better way to do it than by continuously engaging!

    Would Pinterest be a good place for Social Media Consultants to get new clients?

    Absolutely! Pinterest serves as a more curated version of a 'search engine.' You're sure to find a few new clients by casually browsing through the website, and looking for potential partners that already fall inside the umbrella of your niche.

    Can I create a pin on Pinterest with video instead of a picture?

    You have the ability to create pins on Pinterest for anything that you'd like! To learn more about creating a video pin for Pinterest, head to this link here: Video PinsStories-Edit-Blog-The-Business-of-Influencing-Adriana-Answers-Your-Questions-Pinterest-Image-2-2

    "Pinterest is a great marketing tool that all companies should be taking advantage of."
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    Should every company be utilizing Pinterest? How do you set yourself apart?

    Pinterest is a great marketing tool that all companies should be taking advantage of (in my opinion). It's perfect for elevating your brand through the use of curated imagery and content that you've already created. It's also a great tool to connect with your audience in a different way by sharing additional content with them that they might not see on your other social platforms. Use Pinterest to update them on recent news, new features, and more need-to-knows for your brand!

    Does a follower count matter THAT much?

    At the end of the day, being able to see how many followers you have on your social platforms is a great way of keeping track of your reach. It's always great to have an idea of your following on each platform so that you can share that with potential brand partners. Showing them the bigger picture (follower count, reach, etc... ) will allow them to decide on collaborations with you and your brand in the future.

    Do you know if the Pin "title" even really matters?

    When creating titles for your pins, it's always great to make sure that you're giving as much detail as possible and being as thorough as you can about your pin. The more informative and detailed that you can be with your pin description, the more traffic and clicks you'll drive to that pin and to the link that's associated with it.

    I hope you enjoyed reading today's segment of The Business of Influencing! Stay tuned for more posts to come! I can't wait to cover our next topic with you. xo


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