The Business of Influencing: Instagram Stories

    August 04 2019

    Hi everyone! Adriana here, and today we're going to dive into everything you need to know when it comes to crafting and creating engaging + fun Instagram Stories. I'll be diving into some of the questions that you submitted last week, and spilling the tea on one of our favorite Instagram features: Instagram Stories! So, what are you waiting for?... let's go ahead and dive in!

    How Exactly Do Hashtags in Stories Help?

    Hashtags can give you more visibility and traction within your Instagram content. By including hashtags in your Stories, you can link your shared Stories to that specific hashtag. Viewers of that hashtag will then have the ability to see your story. This leads to more visibility for your profile and feed.

    Any Ideas on How to Get More Views on My Stories If I Don't Have a Lot of Followers?

    The best way to maximize story impressions is through the use of hashtags, location tags, and brand or partner mentions. Incorporating all three of these within some of your Instagram Stories will drive more traffic to your profile.

    What Ratio Should You Show Between Your Personal Life and Business Life?

    It's always good to keep a balance between your personal life and business life whenever you're curating and crafting your Instagram Stories content. Always remember and keep in mind why your followers first followed you in the first place. Was it for your style posts, because of the recipes you share or was it their love for your travel posts or advice pieces? Knowing your audience can help you curate Instagram Stories that are specifically geared to them. At the end of the day, Instagram Stories is a direct extension of your personal life AND your website - treat it as the perfect mix of the two!

    "Hashtags can give you more visibility and traction within your Instagram content."
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    What's the Best Way to Plan Your Stories?

    You can utilize PLANOLY's many tools to plan and map out your stories. For example, use Stories Drafts to draft your Stories, use Stories Planner to plan and schedule your content, and use StoriesEdit to elevate your visual content strategy for IG Stories.

    How Often Should a Business Post to Their IG Stories?

    All growing businesses should find ways to stay active on Stories to remain relevant to their audience as well as continue to engage and nurture their growing community. Even if you aren't posting on your grid, you should be posting on Stories at least once a day. Your audience is likely to see your Stories more than your actual posts. IG Stories are the best way to draw them into new content, exciting news, and little extras you want to share with them!

    Does It Work Better Than Regular IG Posts?

    Instagram Stories is beginning to drive more and more traffic than a typical Instagram post. Utilizing Stories as your new marketing platform is a great way to bring additional engagement to specific posts on your website or blog, as well as drive more traffic back to your IG profile.

    Should My Stories Support My Instagram Feed...Can They Both Be Different and Not Connected?

    You should treat your Stories as an addition to your Instagram feed. It's a great extension to build on what you already have, and it's a valuable tool to drive more traffic and engagement back to your Instagram profile and website. Your Stories should, in a sense, support your Instagram feed by maintaining that connection to your website or blog as a whole.

    "You should treat your Stories as an addition to your Instagram feed."
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    What Is the Best Way to Optimize Stories to Get More Eyes and Followers from Each One?

    There are a few ways in which you can maximize and get more eyes back on your stories. I touched a little on them above, but in short - you can draw more traffic by including hashtags, incorporating location tags, and tagging brands and partners that you work with. Don't forget to have fun with your Stories too, and engage with your followers! Create polls, launch Q & A's, get to know your audience so that your content can be a reflection of who they are and what they'd like to see.

    How to Make IG Stories Look Different?

    The best way to make your Stories "pop" is with our new StoriesEdit App! We have so many beautiful templates that can help elevate your Instagram Stories content. Tell a visual story for your brand by incorporating our many sets and collections into crafting and curating your Stories.

    How to Get Analytics for Your IG Stories?

    While you can't gather all analytics for IG Stories yet through the app, you can see certain actions on each story: views, profile visits, link clicks, impressions, and new 'follows' that you've gained from that story. Utilize these stats to help you map out your Stories moving forward.


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