The Business of Influencing: Instagram Ads

    September 01 2019

    Hi everyone, Adriana here! It's time for another round of the Business of Influencing. Today, I'm going to be answering all of your questions when it comes to Instagram Ads. We're going to dive into a few need-to-knows when it comes to setting up ads on Instagram and how to elevate your brand through the use of advertising on IG. For starters, let's talk a little bit about the benefits of using Instagram Ads and the top 6 ways that they can help take your business to the next level.

    The Benefits of Using Instagram Ads

    1. Boost Sponsored Content - Boost sponsored content and recent campaigns through the use of Instagram Ads.
    2. Reach a Larger Audience - Reach other people and more potential followers.
    3. Drive Awareness & a CTA - Generate a buzz around a specific call to action or drive awareness to recent news.
    4. Create Engagement - Drive continuous engagement through the use of advertising on Instagram.
    5. Grow Your Following - Reach a larger audience and grow your following!
    6. Elevate Your Posts - Generate more traffic by elevating posts on Instagram or by creating a new post for an Ad.

    Now, let's dive into a few of your questions!

    "Boost sponsored content and recent campaigns by using Instagram Ads."
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    How much should I spend in order to have a good reach?

    There isn't a specific dollar amount that you should spend when it comes to Instagram Ads. It's based on preference, what works best for you, and how many people you'd like to reach with the Ad along with your preferred run-time for the Ad. Keep in mind: As the dollar amount grows, the reach grows, and the duration of the Ad grows as well.

    Is it the only way to beat the algorithm?

    The best way to beat the algorithm is to forget about the algorithm all-together and continue creating amazing content! (Or at least try not to focus on it too much anymore.) Hone in on your skills, and focus on the content you're creating rather than the amount of 'likes' or 'comments' you're getting. If you continue to create engaging content and find ways to promote it occasionally through Instagram Ads, your audience will organically and authentically grow over time.

    What's the most important thing to keep in mind when buying Instagram ads?

    The most important thing to keep in mind when you're creating Instagram Ads is to make sure you understand the purpose that specific Ad will serve. Are you boosting a post for a recent sponsored campaign or are you trying to push a new product? Spend your marketing money wisely and try to distinguish with Ads are more important than others to implement.

    How do you get Instagram ads to help your business?

    Instagram Ads can help in creating engagement, buzz, traffic, and awareness around your specific brand and business. Ads work great for small businesses, non-profits, established brands, influencers, and more! The upside of using ads on Instagram is to tap into new audiences and groups of people that you might not already be reaching. It's a great way to gain additional exposure on the platform.

    What type of content should you promote on ads?

    The best content to promote through the use of Instagram ads is content that you want to push to your followers or a specific audience. Do you have sponsored posts that you want to promote further or a new product launch that you want to generate more visibility? Use Instagram ads to push content that you want to reach a larger audience.

    What kinds of ads convert the best? IG Feed or Stories ads?

    Instagram ads within your feed and on your stories both work great. When it comes to conversion, it's best to see where your audience engages the most. Are they commenting or your posts more than their viewing your IG Stories or vice versa? Check-in with your audience so you can gain a better understanding as to where you should be placing your Instagram ads and where they'll perform the best.

    Do Instagram ads lead to a good conversion rate (purchase orders, website clicks, etc.)?

    Instagram ads can help elevate your content and boost posts to improve orders, website clicks, and engagement on sponsored or unsponsored posts. The more you can push or advertise a specific post, the better! As you can see above, Instagram Ads are a great way to drive awareness and additional engagement to your content. Instagram ads provide a way to boost and promote content to reach a larger audience and to help your brand grow. We hope this post helps you to understand the ins and outs of Instagram ads a little more!

    Head here to learn more about advertising on Instagram & Check out more of our Business of Influencing posts below:The Business of Influencing


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