The Art Of Effectively Planning Content For Instagram Stories

    March 03 2017

    In an age where authentic storytelling and a consistent point of view are KEY in a successful content strategy, it can be difficult to navigate the constant changes within the social media sphere. Luckily for us, PLANOLY just launched their newest feature: the ability to plan your Instagram Stories ahead of time. Aside from the obvious reason (it overrides the need to post content that was created within 24 hours!) there is a lot to be excited about when it comes this resourceful capability. But before we get ahead of ourselves, it's important to remember to be intentional when it comes to the kind of content being posted via this particular channel. Below are a few things to consider when it comes to planning for fun, fresh and approachable content that was meant to published with spontaneity:
    The Art Of Effectively Planning Content For Instagram Stories PLANOLY Blog

    To Plan or Not to Plan?

    First off, consider what pieces of content are worth planning/reserving for Instagram Stories or for your grid. We recommend doing a quick assessment of what posts have performed the best (you can review this under PLANOLY's Analyze section for an overview of weekly, monthly and yearly performance) and based on this knowledge, continue posting what has done the best on your grid and try filtering the rest of the content (especially multimedia imagery like videos, GIFs and Boomerangs) through Instagram Stories. This will allow you to prioritize more effectively in your content strategy by capitalizing on your strengths (and will keep your audience happy by sharing posts they actually want to see) while experimenting with new content opportunities via Instagram Stories.

    Timing Is Everything

    Instagram Stories lends itself best to posting content at events or when it comes to on-site/timely situations. But even with a team in place it can be hard to capture authentic moments when you're trying to rapidly post and engage with your audience in real-time (we're only human after all!). So with this new feature there is a lot more opportunity to give yourself some breathing room in these circumstances by planning and disseminating content leading up to a particular event. For example, at CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL we have found that posting real-time behind the scenes/photoshoot content on Instagram stories is a great lead-up to sharing content and projects before they actually go live. This not only allows us to have some continuity in posting on Instagram Stories but it also gives us more time to plan the big-picture strategy of what, when and how to share once the full story has been published.


    There is no uniform solution in deciding how to best utilize PLANOLY's Instagram Stories planning feature, but it is important to note that even with this amazing tool-less can still be more - or in other words, don't post for the sake of posting! While it's now easier than ever before to plan ahead make sure that the content you're sharing won't dilute your brand message or overload your audience with content they may not necessarily want to see. It's trial and error - and based on your brand, industry and audience feedback it all comes down to finding a balance between staying true to what makes sense for your brand ethos while allowing a little room for experimentation. Either way, the storytelling possibilities are endless!


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