Styling Content w/ Meredith Staggers of Cake & Confetti

    October 23 2017

    Meredith Staggers is a blogger, photo stylist, and founder of Cake and Confetti! Named after two of her party must-haves, Meredith is an expert in all things styling, party planning, content creation, and more. She collaborates with so many amazing brands and even has an online photo styling class with Brit + Co, which teaches creatives how to style their photoshoots! Read on to discover how Meredith turned her dreams into a career, her process for working with new clients, and how she continually creates eye-catching content.

    Hi Meredith! Please tell us about yourself and how Cake and Confetti came to be.

    I started Cake & Confetti as a creative outlet after I fell in love with the creative details during the whole wedding planning process. I was working full-time for an advertising agency, but I wanted something more creative to do on the side. Honestly, I never intended it to turn into a "real" job! The first couple years I planned a dozen or so weddings and a lot of smaller celebrations like birthdays, baby showers, but after one too many late nights spent crafting until 3 am, I decided I no longer wanted to plan events. At the beginning of 2016, I hired a business coach to help me figure out the future of C&C, and I have to say this was the best decision I ever made for my business. She pulled me out of the comfort zone, and it was the turning point when I started believing in my styling abilities and the idea of making a business out of it. Of course, there's a lot more ups and downs than that, but the moral of the story is my journey looks more like a maze than a highway.


    What does Cake & Confetti mean to you?

    When I started Cake & Confetti, I named it after two of my party must-haves! I wanted people to think about celebrating when they heard the name.

    Your IG is lovely! Describe your aesthetic and what inspires you to create new content?

    Aw, thank you! My aesthetic is bright + colorful and typically gravitates towards a few of my favorite things - sweets, parties and having fun!

    Congrats on being named Houston Tidbits It Girl of Instagram! What is your fave thing about IG and what are your top 3 tips for those looking to improve their IG presence?

    My favorite thing about Instagram is the amazing people I've connected with through the platform. I've met some of my closest friends and mentors through Instagram. My top tips would be

    1. If someone inspires you, don't hesitate to reach out.
    2. Think about your feed as a magazine. Each image contributes to the bigger picture. PLANOLY helps me strategize my photos, so I'm telling a story not just posting off the cuff.
    3. Be nice. I think sometimes people forget there are people on the other side of the screen. I recently launched a Cultivating Kindness campaign to feature business owners who use their platforms to make the online world a little brighter. You can see my features here and here.


    What kind of clients do you work with? Tell us about your process when it comes to creating content for your clients?

    I would with a variety of brands, everything from fashion to lifestyle and food companies. I'm also a freelance prop stylist for a Charming Charlie. I love working with them because I'm typically a one-woman operation and they have at least six people on set at a time. It'd be a whole different ball game!

    You do a lot of brand collaborations. What have you learned about this process and what factors are important to remember when working with brands?

    Every collaboration is different, so it's important to be thorough with the negotiations and contracts. I think there's a misconception about the influencer industry. People think it seems easy to get paid to create content and share on social media, but there's so much more to it than that! There were 80 emails back and forth during a recent collaboration I did before it was all said and done. The behind the scenes isn't nearly as glamorous as it seems.


    Quickfire Q's

    A normal day in my life looks like

    ...depending on the day I'm either shooting, prepping for projects and running errands, writing blog posts or handling the not so fun admin tasks.

    I can't live without


    My favorite dessert is

    ...I can't just pick one especially being seven months pregnant! I love vanilla froyo, lemon cupcakes, and my recent obsession rice crispy treats.

    I love pink because makes me happy!

    I feel the most beautiful when

    ...I have on bright lipstick! I could be a total mess but have on pink lipstick, and I feel somewhat put together.


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