Storyboarding for Successful Instagram Stories

    April 30 2019

    Storyboarding for Successful Instagram Stories

    April 30 2019  |  Best Practices


    With the inception of Instagram Stories, we have been able to create content beyond our grids and create more real-time content that allows us to give a behind the scenes look into our brands and personalities without the entire focus on how visually stunning your Stories look. However, there is a big misconception that Instagram Stories should be a place where you just dump everything that doesn't go on your feed. This shouldn't mean that you should just freely throw whatever into Stories and abandon a strategy altogether. All content posted to social media should always require some kind of social strategy to ensure that your content is always working for you and your brand's growth towards success.

    "With the inception of Instagram Stories, we've been able to create content beyond our grids."
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    When you storyboard and create a plan of what you're going to post on Stories, you are ensuring that your content doesn't stray away from the goal that you are aiming for. Just like creating a bubble map for what you would write in your essay in grade school, creating a storyboard for what your Stories reel will have will ensure that you map exactly what you're going to post, and what value each post will add to the Story as a whole. The goal is to harness your audience's attention with your Stories as well as make sure they watch to the very end.

    With this worksheet, you'll learn:

    • Everything you need to know about storytelling on Stories
    • Why storyboarding is an important strategy
    • How many are too many Stories
    • How to use storyboarding to create a great set of Stories on our StoriesEdit app
    • What to ask yourself when creating a storyboard

    Once you're done with this worksheet, you'll start making the best Stories that are meant for your brand and make an even bigger impact through Instagram that will keep your audience even more engaged with your brand. To make sure that you're making the most out of your Stories, download StoriesEdit to take advantage of all of our beautiful designer templates to continue elevating your content strategy.

    Download our Storyboarding for Successful Stories Worksheet Here



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