The StoriesEdit ‘Tech’ Collection Provides a Different Kind of Tech Support

    August 12 2020

    About the StoriesEdit Tech Templates Collection

    At the core of the StoriesEdit design app, every template collection is tech-inspired. However, what makes this budding tech offering unique is that the design revolves around how over time it’s become ingrained in our lives. You’ll see inspiration from smartphones, text bubbles, Direct Message (DM) threads, and email exchanges. These methods of communication that were once unheard of are now the most common forms of dialogue. After all, what is technology if not bringing ease and simplicity to communication?

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    4 Creative Ways to Use the StoriesEdit Tech Templates

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    Create & Share Brand Assets 

    StoriesEdit is a great resource for your brand! Take advantage of these templates to produce assets to support your launches, releases, and updates. With the tech templates, they can be used to communicate dialogue like release dates, product descriptions, answering questions, and even sharing sterling customer reviews!

    Sharing Tips & Quotes

    Given much of the tech collection grants space to share your thoughts, why not empower your followers with that blank slate? Sharing tips and quotes through these tech-savvy templates can help you galvanize your followers and even generate more reshares.

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    Send a Message

    Some of the templates are designed to give the impression of an email or a text thread. So, send an email or message to someone or a group of people. Say what’s on your mind, invite followers to virtual events, or pen a note to express your feelings about what’s happening in the world around us. The tech collection is your notepad so run wild!

    Tech Support

    Lastly, allow this StoriesEdit collection to provide you with a different kind of tech support. Use these design templates to alleviate the stress of producing brand assets. We’ve already done that for you! Save yourself some time by utilizing these ready-made resources to simplify your digital marketing!

    Start using the StoriesEdit Tech Collection today and sign-up for StoriesEdit Pro to unlock even more creative possibilities!

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