StoriesEdit 2020 Template Collection

    December 30 2019

    We appreciate reflection as much resolution. Our StoriesEdit 2020 template collection for the new year and beyond brings you nine templates to share your top-performing content, gratitude, sources of inspiration, and goals through Instagram Stories.

    About the PLANOLY StoriesEdit 2020 Template Collection

    These sleek templates will help you carve out a moment to reflect on your wins, lessons, and pivots over the last decade while also looking ahead. Use this new collection to provide your audience or customers personalized insight into what motivates you and share shout outs to other brands. Authenticity and playfulness are vital to keeping your audience engaged. Your followers are there to not just learn about new products or updates, but feel connected and heard by you as well.

    Get Creative

    Here are three key ways to use our latest templates!

    1. Share your origin story. What do you want to learn? What are your business goals? Use these templates as an opportunity to share how you got started, how you are reflecting back on 2019, and what lies ahead in 2020. Remind your audience what you set out to solve in the first place with your business, and how your followers are a part of that solution.
    2. Spread positivity. With the top 5 accounts you loved template, your sources of inspiration become highly re-shareable when you tag other accounts. Aside from the apparent impact of sharing insights that led to business success and inspiration, you're building a bridge that makes your success story relatable and attainable to others. Share what and who keeps you going. Praise is infinite, be generous with it by tagging fellow entrepreneurs, business owners, and creators.
    3. Get candid. What are the three things that made your year amazing? Don't shy away from this template. Reflect on what brought you joy or what made it "all worth it." Be honest and relatable – it reminds your audience that there's a real human behind the brand.

    We hope you enjoy using our new StoriesEdit 2020 templates throughout the year! Tag us @StoriesEdit and @planoly so we can see all of your beautifully designed Stories.

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