New Feature: Stories Drafts

    May 28 2018

    Since Instagram Stories was first released, it has become wildly popular with businesses and individuals alike. Many users go straight to Instagram Stories before even scrolling through the images! Bloggers and companies are using Stories to promote campaigns, sell products, share behind-the-scenes content, and so much more. It's such an effective way to connect with your audience and let them see "real time" rather than the overly perfected images on your grid. Because Instagram Stories is so highly utilized, we decided to create a new feature on PLANOLY that will help you organize and plan out your Stories in an easy and efficient way. Now introducing... Stories Drafts! This fabulous new feature allows you to add Stories to various Drafts folders, so you can organize and plan your Instagram Stories with ease. Read on to find out how to use it!

    How to Use Stories Drafts on Mobile

    1. Tap on the Drafts icon on the top right of the Grid View on the PLANOLY app.
    2. Tap on STORIES on the top right of the Drafts View.
    3. Tap the ➕ button on the bottom of the screen to add a new Draft folder.
    4. A pop-up screen will appear. Name your Draft folder and click Add (for example: Takeover 5/1; S/S 18 launch)
    5. Tap on the newly added Draft folder and select the ➕ button on the bottom of the screen to add new media.
    6. Captions or notes can be added on the PLANOLY App when creating Stories Drafts. We copy the caption for you, so all you have to do is paste it once you're posting in Instagram Stories.
    7. Once you're ready to schedule or post your Stories, simply tap SELECT on the top right corner, then tap on your desired folder, and tap Move to Stories in the bottom left.

    Pro Tip: You can add an entire Draft folder, OR you can add individual media within any Draft folder to your Stories planner.

    Click Through for App Tutorial

    How to Use Stories Drafts on Desktop

    1. Select Drafts in the top navigation bar of your PLANOLY desktop.
    2. Select the Stories button.
    3. Click Create New Draft and give your Draft folder a descriptive name.
    4. Select your desired Draft folder and click Add Story to Draft.
    5. Select your source to add media to your Draft.
    6. Once you're ready to schedule or post your Stories, hover over the desired Draft folder and select Move to Story.

    New Feature Stories Drafts - PLANOLY - 2

    "Create various Stories Drafts folders and label them accordingly to help you stay organized and have a visual plan." Tweet this.

    Pro Tip:When planning out your Instagram Stories, add a link and paste it into the link feature on Stories. In order to do this, simply highlight and cut your link out, and then tap the link icon at the top of the screen to paste your product affiliate link! This allows your followers to 'swipe up' and be directed to your link.Create various Stories Drafts folders and label them accordingly to help you stay organized and have a visual plan. Read on for a few examples of how you can utilize this exciting new feature!

    • Instagram Takeovers - Label these Takeover 1, 2, etc. You can add them based on the brand or influencer that you're working with, for example Glossier TO, Lululemon TO, etc.
    • New Campaigns - Add a Drafts folder for upcoming campaigns! Labeling your Stories Drafts by campaigns will help you to see and plan them easily. Here are a few examples: Summer 2018 campaign, Swim 2019 campaign, etc.
    • Giveaways - Keep track of your Giveaways by adding a Stories Drafts folder solely dedicated to upcoming giveaways! Whether it's by holiday, specific dates, brands, or type of giveaway (beauty, fitness, etc.), there are several ways you can label giveaways to help you stay efficient and organized. For example: July 4th giveaway, Sephora gift card, fitness gear giveaway...the possibilities are endless! Just do what works best for you. You can even add in Stories Drafts to post once you've picked a winner!
    • Brand Collaborations - This is super important to keep track of, especially because the more brands you start working with, the more you're going to need organizational help so nothing slips through the cracks. Label your collaborations based on what brands you're working with by using their IG handle (@outdoorvoices, @sundayriley, etc.) Don't forget to say it's an #ad in the Story as well. Check out this blog post to learn more about sponsored posts!
    • Product Unveiling - Stay on top of new product unveils by creating a Stories Drafts folder dedicated to them! We suggest labeling these with the specific product you're unveiling, along with the date of the unveil. For example, 'New Shoe Design' Product Unveil 9/1/18.
    • Tutorials - Everyone loves a good tutorial! How else can one perfect the cateye look?! Label your tutorial Stories Drafts with whatever your Tutorial video is covering. Also, if it's a preview or CTA for your followers to swipe up, add that in the title. For example: Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial, Evening Makeup Look Tutorial preview, etc.
    • Product Unboxing / Reveals - Unboxing products tends to be more of a spontaneous Instagram Story. However, if you want to spread them out and not overwhelm your audience with too many at once, then we suggest creating a Stories Drafts folder! Label them based on the brand you're unboxing or revealing.
    • And so much more!

    Pro Tip: Rename your Drafts Albums at any time by opening the desired Drafts Albums, and tapping on the title. From there, you can rename it, and tap Change Name. It's now easy to plan and store your Instagram Stories within PLANOLY without worrying about them getting all jumbled up on our Instagram Stories planning view. We hope you love this new feature! Don't hesitate to DM us with questions or suggestions. Let us know how you're using the new Stories Drafts Feature for your own planning needs - we'd love to share them with our followers on Instagram Stories. Update 11/14: The FTC recently released a disclosure statement for working with social media influencers. You can review the full document here.


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