PLANOLY Holiday Guide: Staying Present and Monetizing Your Content

    November 06 2019

    Practicing mindfulness during the holidays doesn't come easy for most – we're definitely still working on it! There are ways to prioritize and monetize without sacrificing family time or living in the moment. You've worked hard all year long and deserve a little downtime with family and friends this season! We want to make the holiday season seamless and effortless for you. At PLANOLY our biggest goal is to simplify your social marketing needs by providing you with the tools and strategy necessary to make more time for play and less time for work.

    How to Stay Present During the Holidays While Also Monetizing Your Content:

    The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for most. We all tend to get caught up with our long to-do lists, deadlines, events, holiday gatherings and can end up feeling nothing went as planned. Here are a few ways that you can survive this holiday season and come out on the other side with excitement for the new year.

    Simplify Your Tasks: Be reasonable and forgiving when creating your to-do list for the next few weeks. Often, we aim too high and end up feeling defeated – despite having accomplished quite a bit! Be intentional with the number of tasks and restructure your list by including the time required to complete each daily or weekly task.

    Example:Task: Create and schedule Instagram posts and stories for the weekTime required: 2 hours to create posts, 1 hour to design IG stories through StoriesEdit, and 1 hour to schedule posts and stories using PLANOLY

    Schedule Ahead of Time: The best way to plan ahead is to schedule content beforehand. You can schedule out all of your IG, IG Stories, and Pinterest content for the weeks and months ahead with PLANOLY, and our Pin Planner. Learn more here: PLANOLY Scheduling. Create an Efficient Workflow: Stay balanced by building in meaningful breaks during each workday. Start by mapping out specific tasks based on priority and what you need to work on first.

    Example: 1. Emails (45 min) 2. Create and schedule content (4 hours) 3. Stretch, grab lunch (1.5 hours) 4. Write a blog post on new products (1 hour) 5. Afternoon photoshoot (2 hours) 6. Put your phone away and enjoy your evening

    Take Self-Care Breaks: No seriously, TAKE A BREAK. The best ideas come from stepping out of your typical routine. Sometimes that means intentionally scrolling through the gram for inspo, while other times it's a walk down a sunny path. We all know breaks help but it's hard to work them in without feeling guilty sometimes. We're here to tell you that you NEED them. So go take that midday yoga class and replenish your mind and body. Don't Overbook Yourself: Anyone else struggle with saying "no?" When it comes to pleasing your team or family members, be honest before making commitments. The FOMO is real during the holidays but make space for work, play, and self-care. This year, we're committing to not overbooking and burning out! Practice Mindful Workdays: Have you ever sat down and thought about your tasks mindfully? Next time you're going through your schedule, think through everything you have planned by dissecting what you want to get out of each task. Are you creating a video as a call to action, do you want to invoke joy with a specific story or caption? Being mindful of your holiday content will help you have more of a clear picture when it comes to future goals. Say No to Multi-Tasking: Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is usually not the answer. By compartmentalizing time for specific tasks and honing in on one thing at a time, you're able to give it more of your focused attention. Celebrate Every Win: Give yourself credit for all that you've already accomplished and continue to before the year wraps up. Every new collaboration, every blog post that gets published, every Instagram post that goes live... those are all big and tiny wins! Celebrate every win, not only do you deserve it but it'll fuel you to stay on track. Take note of those throughout each day. Let them fuel you towards your future goals.

    Here's How PLANOLY Can Help:

    Auto-Post Feature: If you have an Instagram Business Account, you can authorize your account with Facebook to access our auto-post feature. If you have auto-post enabled, you can utilize it by scheduling your posts in advance and posting without being on the IG app. Simply customize your details on a specific post by filling in the location, user tag, and description along with the selected date and time to post and you're all set!

    Content Calendars: Utilize our many content calendars to help you strategize and map out content for the weeks and months ahead. Free-up your time by making note of tasks that you have for each month, and structuring them based on priority. This will help you have a clear vision and view of tasks for the season ahead.

    NEW Pin Planner: Have you heard about our latest Pin Planner?! You can now schedule content just as you would for Instagram, but now also for Pinterest! Our Pin Planner is the latest PLANOLY scheduler and an answer to our Pinterest prayers. To learn more about how you can use our Pin Planner, head to this blog post here and check out our Pin Planner tutorial on IGTV! At PLANOLY, we want to simplify your social marketing and help you to prioritize and tackle your holiday tasks without taking you away from what matters the most: staying present. We've included a downloadable checklist that includes a worksheet and Mindfulness Content Calendars to help you survive the holiday season.

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