Staying Active on Social Media During the Holidays with Evergreen Content

    December 05 2018

    It's vital to stay active and relevant on social media during the holiday season. You want to remain as a constant source of fresh content that your readers can rely on time and time again. A great way to do that is by producing Evergreen Content to have readily available to post during the busy holiday months. In case you aren't familiar with the term, we'll first talk about the meaning behind 'Evergreen Content' before we dive into today's post! Evergreen Content is essentially content that is always relevant. In other words, content that can be reused and shared time and time again. Think of it in the same way you would an evergreen tree; they retain their leaves all year round. Evergreen Content is similar in that it remains relevant throughout the year, and even beyond. Editors will often use the term evergreen content to refer to perennial guides or articles about topics that typically will not frequently be changing. In other words, topics that will remain relatable and as prime resources for many readers at any time of the year. It's important to provide real and tangible value within the content that you share. *Planoly Pro Tip* - Producing well-written & curated evergreen content will provide more useful information for your followers and will keep you as a go-to source for them.

    "It's vital to stay active and relevant on social media during the holiday season."
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    So, you might be wondering - how can you incorporate Evergreen Content within your posts? For starters, you can begin by brainstorming content ideas that you feel might serve as relevant posts or useful material for your readers. Think about topics that your readers might have asked your advice on or information that could help them in their own career journey. This is also a good chance for you to turn to Instagram Stories and do a poll asking what your audience would be interested in seeing! Any content you can share that will allow your readers to gather insight into topics they've had questions about will be beneficial topics to post and create content for. A few ways in which you can check whether or not the topics that you'd like to write about fall into the category of Evergreen Content, is by asking yourself the following questions below:

    • Does this content serve a purpose?
    • Is the content that you're sharing meaningful to your readers and will it serve as relevant material? Can you link back to it in the future?
    • Will it resonate well with my audience?
    • Are you creating content that your audience is going to resonate well with, and will they be able to take away certain pieces of advice from it?
    • Is this useful material for my audience to build on later?
    • Will your audience be able to build on the content that you're sharing and revert back to it later? Can they continue to refer back to it?
    • Could I repurpose this content in the future?
    • Will you be able to repurpose this content for use in the future, and can you build on this post later? It's always great if you can re-use content, images, or written posts for a fresh and fun perspective within future posts.

    *Planoly Pro Tip* - How-to guides and tutorial videos serve as a great source of Evergreen content that your audience will be able to reference at any time. By thinking over the questions above, you can then begin to differentiate whether or not the topics and content ideas that you've listed fall into the category of Evergreen Content. Is it content that will remain relevant for quite some time, or is it content that might not have much of a foothold in the months to come? Digging deeper will allow you to make sure that the content you're creating is lining up with the type of content that is made to last. Posting content that ties into any or all of the categories above will prove to be useful for your audience, and they'll thank you for it! If not directly, they'll show their gratitude by continuing to return to your feed as one of their favorite resources for helpful and relevant content! It's definitely a win/win.


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