How to Stay Productive Throughout the Holiday Season

    December 06 2017

    The holidays are a busy time, so it can be easy to lose track of your workflow with all of the events and family obligations that come with the season. Even though dropping everything to hibernate may sound tempting, staying focused and on top of everything is essential to finishing the year strong. Luckily, there are lots of ways to stay productive while also finding time to rest and enjoy the holidays. We're going to lay out a few key tips to help you stay focused and organized during this crazy season!

    "Staying focused and on top of everything is essential to finishing the year strong."
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    1. Know your peak times

    When it comes to productivity, everyone is different. Are you a morning person, night owl, or somewhere in between? Working during your peak productivity hours will help you get things done more efficiently. Getting enough sleep will also help you immensely, so make sure that you get at least 7-8 hours a night, if possible!

    2. Write it down

    This might sound obvious, but writing things down helps you to remember them and get them done. There's something so satisfying about physically crossing things off of your list that just isn't the same on a computer (although Wunderlist does come close). Bullet journaling is also a fabulous new trend that can be super effective for staying organized and efficient.

    3. Get out of the house

    Coffee shops are your friend! During the holidays, you might not be going into the office, but you should definitely have your own space to focus and be free from distractions. If your house has too many distractions, then go to a coffee shop, library, or quiet space where you can work in peace.

    4. Maintain your routine

    It can be easy to get out of your normal rhythm during the holidays, but maintaining somewhat of a routine will help to keep you sane! Try to wake up at the same time every day and do what you would do during a regular workday morning - this will help you stay focused and productive without falling behind. Same goes for workouts or other weekly habits such as grocery shopping. Keeping your ducks in a row will help you avoid stress.

    5. Take breaks

    Remember to let yourself rest - it is the holidays after all! Take a midday break to attend a yoga class, take your pet for a walk, go to happy hour with a friend, get a pedicure after work - anything that will help to refresh you so you can get back on the grind feeling invigorated!

    6. Planning is key

    Making plans ahead of time will save you so much struggle. We suggest downloading our free December calendar and national holiday list to help you get a leg up on all of your to-do's! You can also save time by planning and scheduling all of your Instagram posts and IG Stories early to be posted throughout December. That way, you'll receive notifications when it's time to post, and you can just push it through without an extra thought! *Tip: Want to capture content at events but also not be on your phone the entire time? Take a few quick shots and videos, and post them to your IG Stories later! With our IG Story planning feature, you can go beyond the 24-hour rule. Ta-da!

    7. Shop online to save time

    Does the thought of Christmas shopping stress you out? No time to drive around and wait in lines? Do all of your shopping online! Problem solved. That leaves you more time to get your work done and stay productive, while also crossing things off your list! is a great place to get some shopping inspo. Here are some fabulous gift guides we love as well: Sivan Ayla, Goop, and Lauren Kay Sims.


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