Spun Gives us the Scoop on National Ice Cream Day

    July 16 2017

    Happy National Ice Cream Day! We celebrate ice cream every day, but today is extra sweet. We're excited to feature one of our favorite Austin spots, Spun Ice Cream. They have the art of ice cream down to a science...literally. All of their ice cream is made to order using liquid nitrogen, which is almost as fun to watch as it is to eat! Nothing compares to the refreshing, creamy, and sweet taste. Whether it's vanilla, chocolate, mint chip, or cookie dough...we'd stop the world and melt for ice cream. Extra sprinkles, please.

    Please share the story of Spun!

    @SPUNicecream was founded in 2015 by two sisters who grew up in Austin, and now we have three locations and an ice cream catering truck! We were raised in a household where food was the predominant love language. We opened our shop as a way of getting to share that sweetness and joy of something we love with others. It's so important to keep life sweet! Even if it's just one scoop at a time.

    Tell us about the process for how you make the ice cream.

    We make all our ice cream fresh to order with liquid nitrogen! It's part science experiment, part deliciousness. The liquid nitrogen flash freezes our housemade ice cream base, which makes the ice crystals tiny and more condensed and our ice cream super smooth! The whole thing is so fun to watch, but we also love how transparent the process is. We get to educate folks about where their food comes from, how it's made, and all the organic or local ingredients we put into it.

    What are your must-try flavors?

    We always have sundae specials that rotate seasonally and are basically just homemade artisanal versions of things we loved to eat together as kids. Right now, try our summer camp-inspired sundae, The S'mores: sweet cream ice cream topped with a salted chocolate shell, homemade graham cracker crumble and toasted meringue. Trust us. You'll want s'more.

    Why do you love ice cream?

    There is such a nostalgia factor to everything we do. We love getting to transport people back to favorite childhood memories or help create new sweet moments around food. Ice cream is so inherently whimsical, playful and fun. What is not to love about making it AND eating it?

    What's next for Spun?

    We just opened our third @SPUNicecream location at @noblesandwichco on Burnet, which means MORE ICE CREAM for Austin. Cheers!


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