Tutorial: Split Campaigns for Instagram using quotes with PLANOLY

    January 25 2016

    Tutorial and Feature Spotlight: How to split multiple quotes or graphic collages for Instagram with PLANOLY APP. If you're a brand or designer who creates and uses quotes as a part of our instagram campaign, here's a trick to streamline and better plan your content.

    Collect & Store

    Create a google drive or excel doc to collect your quotes under categories (i.e. holidays, seasons, subjects, etc). This is your quote kit to always have on hand forever.


    When creating your quotes on photoshop: instead of just creating one by one, create in sets of 3's, 6's or 9's. Save to your dropbox, and then you can upload and SPLIT on Planogr.am app right on your phone!

    Image Quality

    Use 1080 pixels as your minimum image size. If you're creating three quotes in one file to split up, use 1080 x 3240 (3240 is simply 1080 x 3 because you're going to split this into 3 separate images). Remember to save "templates" with your ruled guidelines as PSD files to re-use! Here's the breakdown:

    • 1x3: 1080 x 3240 pixels
    • 2x6: 2160 x 3240 pixels
    • 3x3: 3240 x 3240 pixels

    How to plan, curate, and use quotes on Instagram with PLANOLY splitter feature


    When saving, select "save for web", then check the image size at the bottom left corner. Make sure it's 10mb and under. You can scale down your image size by changing the percentage on the right bottom corner.

    WATCH our video tutorial here: SPLITTER TUTORIAL 01

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