Something Social's LA Guide

    October 19 2016

    For those of you who have never visited Los Angeles, it may seem overwhelming at first, but consider this your guide. After chatting with Something Social founder and native Angeleno, Calli Cholodenko, we can't wait to discover all of her favorite spots! From relaxing on the beach in Malibu to checking out the amazing restaurant scene to exploring every Instagrammable corner, here is Calli and Something Social's LA guide.

    What is your favorite thing about growing up in LA?

    Calli: I honestly couldn't imagine growing up anywhere else. Every part of the city has such a different vibe, from the beach to Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Downtown. I think when I was younger I took for granted how incredible this city truly is, and it's the mix of energy with the laid back lifestyle that makes it unique. There is such a strong creative community here, and I'm grateful that my career path has allowed me to work with and collaborate with all of the bright, talented, creative minds that populate the city. While I absolutely love the people I know who were born and raised here, I also appreciate all of the different people and cultures who now call Los Angeles home, as I feel I can learn something from everyone's individual journeys and stories of how they got to LA.
    Something Social's LA Calli - PLANOLY Blog 2

    What are your favorite things to do in LA?

    Calli: The beach is my happy place. It is where I feel most calm, at ease and connected. Malibu has always been my favorite place to spend weekends, especially the Malibu Beach Inn and the pier. Just give me a great view and a strong coffee and I'm happy, which fortunately is easy to find in LA! I enjoy sitting outside at restaurants with friends, working out at all of the amazing fitness studios LA has to offer and attending various events for work and fun. I probably don't explore new parts of the city as often as I should, but it's been one of my goals this year!
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    What are your favorite places and most Instagrammable spots in LA?

    Calli: It seems every new restaurant that opens in LA is the new place to Instagram! Especially in Silver Lake, there are a ton of cute new spots like Sawyer, Winsome and By Chloe. Abbot Kinney in Venice not only has some of my favorite restaurants, but also some of the best spots for photos! Gjelina, Tasting Kitchen, The Butcher's Daughter, Greenleaf Chopshop, Blue Star Donuts, Blue Bottle and Cuyana (boutique) are all my go-to's. Plus, every few steps has a different "Instagram wall" so there are tons of great back drops! I also love the Rose Café, Melrose Place, and of course there's the Paul Smith pink wall.
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    Where should we definitely go if we were to visit LA?

    Calli: You have to go to Malibu! The pier, the Country Mart and Nobu (make a reservation in advance), Lily's for breakfast burritos and Malibu Seafood for the BEST fresh seafood. I'm a foodie, so all of my "must-go" places tend to revolve around food. Bestia, Sunset Tower, The Nice Guy, Mozza, A.O.C. You should also make the trip downtown. The Broad, Grand Central Market (get EggSlut, Wexler's Deli & McConnell's Ice-Cream), and the arts district. I also love a good pool or rooftop situation. Some of my favorites are Sunset Tower, Beverly Hills Hotel, Ace Hotel Downtown, The Sixty, Perch and Soho House. Los Angeles has a lot of amazing scenic hikes as well!


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