PLANOLY's Social Sphere: Week of March 9th, 2020

    March 13 2020

    Are your fingers slipping off the keyboard typing with all that sanitizer on your hands? Yeah, ours neither. Although social media news has been second to Coronavirus paranoia and various forms of misinformation, there is little stoppage on social platforms with their collective need to innovate and roll out useful updates. This week in the Social Sphere, Twitter is getting into the Stories game while Instagram is working on a new video reply option to help grow IGTV. Facebook Dark Mode is just around the corner and Spotify's new home screen was a pleasant surprise.Alright, toss that face mask for a second and breathe in the latest edition of the Social Sphere:

    In the News

    Twitter is Testing Stories Feature Called "Fleets"

    Twitter is getting with the times by finally diving into the Stories game. The company is currently testing a new feature that will allow users to post photos, videos, and text that will disappear after a short time. Snapchat was the Stories originator back in 2013, although it can be argued that it's grown most popular on Instagram and now, TikTok. "Fleets" is designed to help users feel more at ease and open to sharing everyday thoughts. Twitter's version of Stories will not be open to Retweets or Likes.

    But listen, we have to discuss this name. "Fleets", though? As in fleeting + tweets = fleets? Sure, that works (kind of?). Why not just call this thing Tweetwood Mac while we're at it?

    Instagram Testing Video Reply to IGTV

    Instagram is going full throttle on IGTV in 2020. The Facebook-owned is currently testing a new feature that would allow users to respond to IGTV with videos. Amplifying the interactive nature of the platform, this appears to be a logical next step for Instagram that now allows GIF replies to Stories. Instagram is also working to allow ads in IGTV for creatives to monetize video output.

    Facebook Preps to Enter Dark Mode

    Even with WhatsApp going zero dark thirty last week, it's mothership, Facebook, is still without the beloved dark mode setting. But it appears that will all change very soon. After earlier images first appeared months ago previewing a FB Dark Mode, new updates have been revealed this week that show a much better layout and color integration. Dark Mode is currently available on Messenger and FB Lite for select users.

    What's Trending

    Spotify's New Homepage Update is Pretty Legit

    Notice anything different about your Spotify homepage? The music platform that most of us frequent multiple times daily has refreshed its homepage to give it a cozy and familiar feel. Topped with a greeting that transitions from "Good Morning" to "Good Afternoon" and finally "Good Evening," below you'll find what is almost like your "top six" - the last six things you've played the most. This could be an album, playlist, podcast, anything. Further down the scroll, you'll find familiar categories like "Recently Played," "Made for You," and Spotify recommendations including its "On Our Radar This Month" updates. Pretty legit, right?

    Pinterest Trends

    Late last month, Pinterest announced the introduction of Pinterest Lite - a scaled version of the Pinterest app for Android that takes up less space on your device to allow better access to those in countries with slower internet access. So, yes, what you're thinking is correct: This is the Pinterest version of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. Or...or, if you're so inclined, Crystal Pepsi. South American countries and Mexico were among the first to receive Pinterest Lite which is now being launched globally. Now, not all Pinterest features are available on Lite, yet all the recipe ideas, travel recommendations, and fashion inspiration that you know and love are all available on Lite. You can download the app now on Google Play.

    TikTok Trends

    Have you done the "Flip the Switch" TikTok challenge yet? Drake's unrelenting hit, "Nonstop" (from his 2018 release Scorpion), is currently enjoying the fruits of a second lifespan thanks to its somewhat unusual TikTok rebirth.Former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren lit a fire with her hilarious SNL version with Kate McKinnon. Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod also took it up an entirely new level. But, likely, we haven't seen the best "Flip the Switch" challenge yet. Maybe it'll be Drake himself?That's it for this week's edition of the Social Sphere. For past installments, visit here. Chime in on the PLANOLY's Instagram with your questions, feedback, and requests.

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