PLANOLY Social Sphere: Week of June 29th, 2020

    July 03 2020

    In the News

    Google Signs Licensing Agreement with News Publishers

    After years of pushback, Google finally agrees to sign licensing agreements with news publishers. Before this, all of their content was viewable to users at zero cost. “A vibrant news industry matters —perhaps more than ever,” Google’s Vice President of Product Management, Brad Bender, said in a statement. These agreements were signed almost a year after Facebook and Apple agreed to pay for the rights to use and access content from leading news sites. 

    Instagram Commits to Supporting Creators with New Feature

    Throughout the pandemic, Instagram has seen its creators turn to Live and IGTV more and more. Viewership has gone up 70%, and Instagram wanted a way for these fitness instructors, chefs, etc., to get paid for their work. That’s why Instagram created ‘Badges,’ a feature that will be available for viewers to purchase during creators’ Live videos. 

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    TikTok Breaks Down Their Extremely Accurate “For You” Algorithm 

    Like many other apps, TikTok uses a recommendation system to suggest videos that are relevant and unique to its users. The “For You” feed leads to discovery and community for users. Some of the key elements they use for their algorithm are user interactions, video information, and device and account settings.  

    Youtube Targets Tiktok With Similar Short-form Video Option ‘Shorts’ 

    Youtube has entered the testing phase for a new 15-second long video option. ‘Shorts’ was made to rival the popular app, TikTok, and will be available on Youtube’s mobile app. This announcement comes after Instagram’s TikTok-like option ‘Reels.'

    What's Trending

    Twitch Takes Down Donald Trump’s Channel For Violating Policies 

    Twitch decides to temporarily suspend Donald Trump’s channel after his political team broadcasted his Tulsa Rally. Twitch said any form of hate speech violates their Harassment and Conduct Policies and will not be tolerated–not even for a politician. 

    More Brands Pull Ads in Facebook Boycott 

    Unilever pulling out today came as a shock to the already growing list of brands who are pulling ads from Facebook – and it’s family of apps –  in response to the company’s inaction with hate speech, misinformation, and their laissez-faire attitude toward recent posts from President Trump.

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    Ayesha Curry Launches Lifestyle Magazine, Sweet July 

    Sweet July debuted its first issue in April, and it couldn’t have been more timely. The publication aims to create a safe space for Black women and all women of color as a platform for BIPOC entrepreneurs. She hopes to have the same reach as competitor magazines Essence and O, The Oprah Magazine, to continue to diversify magazine shelves. 

    Beyoncé’s New Visual Album Will Air July 31st on Disney+ 

    Beyoncé released a teaser video on her website for her upcoming visual album ‘Black is King’.  The album will explore lessons from The Lion King and reimagine it to honor the journeys of Black families and youth. The press release goes on to say the album "is an affirmation of a grand purpose, with lush visuals that celebrate Black resilience and culture."

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