PLANOLY's Social Sphere: Week of February 24, 2020

    February 28 2020

    The trends that will ultimately define 2020 are beginning to unfold exactly where you'd expect them to take shape: on social media.Small but impactful changes have defined the early moments of the New Year. Social media companies are learning from past experiences and quickly shifting strategies to meet ever-changing user behavior.This week in the Social Sphere, TikTok may soon allow URLs on user-profiles, while Facebook launches its new Creator Studio mobile app. LinkedIn has a new feature that enables users to show samples of their work on their profile page, and Instagram finally rolls out a long-awaited "Categories" feature.Let's dive into some news on the latest edition of PLANOLY's Social Sphere:

    In the News

    Facebook Launches Creator Studio Mobile App

    Facebook has launched a mobile version of its all-new Creator Studio alongside a standalone app. With this new update, you can manage and edit Posts, view select performance analytics, and respond to messages. For now, the app does not allow users to upload new content.

    LinkedIn Adds "Featured" Section to Showcase Work Samples

    LinkedIn is making it easy for potential employers to explore your talent with its new "Featured" Section. You can now showcase samples of your work in your profile so that recruiters, potential collaborators, or any interested parties can find your best work without needing to dig for it.

    Instagram Rolls Out New "Categories" Feature

    Although many Instagram updates can fly below the radar, the company's "Categories" update is certainly one worth noting. While some may have had it for a while and others are a bit new to the feature, "Categories" allows you to see which of your followers you interact with the least, the followers showed the most in your feed, and more. Essentially, Instagram is making it easy to identify who you engage with the most and who you don't (and maybe should consider unfollowing).

    TikTok Test Direct Website Links in Profiles

    TikTok is reportedly looking to add a URL field into its profiles so that users can feature a link in their bio. While this may seem simple, for TikTok, this is a leap into uncharted territory. By in large, this is a way for users to promote themselves on and off the platform, link to products, and potentially other marketing materials. Hit the link above to learn more.


    What's Trending

    Pinterest Trends

    Ahead of International Women's Day and Women's History Month this March, Pinterest is turning all its attention and resources to every aspect of womanhood. From traveling solo, budgeting, negotiating a new salary, to buying a home, Pinterest is diving deep into the very nuance of women. They're also celebrating all the ways women seek out inspiration on Pinterest and use it to empower others.

    Instagram Trends

    As Black History Month winds down, on Instagram, one of the many ways you can keep track of learnings past February is by searching their Share Black Stories hashtags. Here you can find historical notes, facts & figures and, more simply, the daily lives of African-Americans living their stories in real-time.

    TikTok Trends

    Although much more than we can fathom is actually trending on TikTok, few of the platform's stars move us or bring us to belly-aching laughs quite like Austin's own Tayden Seay. In one of his very first interviews, Tayden talked with PLANOLY about navigating TikTok fame, how to build your following with authenticity, and where social media is headed in 2020. Click the link above to read his full interview.That's it for this edition of PLANOLY's Social Sphere. Check back in March for everything that's trending in social media. Also, be on the lookout for Women's History Month focused stories!

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