Social Media Strategies & Tips for Small Businesses

    November 06 2019

    There's a ton to consider before planning your social strategy for the new year. In this round of PLANOLY's Small Business School, we're going to take down the curtains on seamlessly creating your social media strategy. We'll cover what it takes to build a strong brand on social media, finding your voice on Instagram, and increasing traffic through Pinterest.Your strategy and content will not be one size fit all across the social media channels. Everything from the dimensions of your images, types of videos, and mix of content themes should be considered before implementing a new strategy for the new year.

    PLANOLY Pro Tip: Identify your audience. Each platform specializes and caters to different groups and interests. Keep your audience in mind before curating or creating content.

    The struggle is real when it comes to knowing what to post on Instagram or Facebook, but that's where we come in! While there is no actual formula for what or where you need to be sharing content, we've found that a few tweaks significantly improved engagement and overall growth for the brand's social channel.


    • Instagram is best for showing snippets and sneak peeks of your content to your audience. You want to give them little pieces of your posts, products, and idea in a way that is easy to digest through images and short videos.
    • Allow your content to reach larger audiences by integrating sellit within your Instagram bio. sellit makes it easy to crate a gallery of recent posts that are linked to blogs or shoppable products. Making it easier than ever for you to turn your engaged followers into active buyers! 

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: Don't forget to get creative with your stories, and have fun! Make sure to download our new StoriesEdit Tool to help elevate your content on Instagram Stories in order to maximize your presence and engagement with your followers. You can also get advanced analytics with our new Analyze Web Dashboard.


    • Overall, Pinterest users love tutorials, how-to's, and general educational content.
    • Pinterest is ideal for sharing past and current blogs or products to reach niche audiences and increase traffic, more on that here.
    • Share often! Pinterest is 80% more viral and 3x more likely to drive engagement vs Twitter. The more you can share, the more you reach.
    • Be engaging and creative when captioning your Pins. Provide enough detail to draw your audience back to your website or blog.

    For more on Pinterest and using PLANOLY's Pin Planner, look here.


    • Your businesses Facebook page may often come first in a search, use it as a way for new audiences or customers to learn everything about your business.
    • Connect with influencers, customers, and other brands to form partnerships
    • Facebook users rely on entertaining and educational content through posts, videos, and links to new features or products. Keep a balanced variety!
    • Utilize the power of ads, videos, and boosted posts on Facebook to reach new customers.



    • Twitter is ideal for announcements, trending topics, promoting sales, PR, and engaging with existing customers.
    • Great for "real-time" content views, witty one-liners, or a quick call to actions to inform your audience.
    • Unlike the other platforms mentioned, your tweets don't always need an image or video. Brevity and concise communication are key.

    You've created some amazing content, now what?

    The best way to boost all of this great content is through the use of ads and partnerships. Try boosting a few of your most engaged posts in order to help you reach a larger, more diverse audience. Allocating a certain amount of money per month or year towards ads and partnerships can help your brand to be seen by a lot of other people too. And always remember that the more you're consistently engaging with your followers, the more you'll organically continue to grow. Stay true to yourself, have fun, and keep at it!

    PLANOLY Pro Tip: Engagement is key, and engaging with other accounts that are similar to yours can also work in boosting the number of views and engagement your profile has!

    One thing we always try to stress is to make sure you're maximizing your presence with your readers through constant engagement. You can create great conversations through Instagram Stories with the use of polls, questionnaires, videos, and more! Even when you're posting to your IG grid, try to post something on IG Stories to keep followers engaged. Get creative with the photos you take and make sure you provide different content on different platforms!


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