30 Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

    May 25 2020

    30 Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

    May 25 2020  |  Inspiration , Marketing


    Social media statistics aren’t simply arbitrary numbers that ebb and flow when the masses’ login, like, share, and retweet content. For marketers, they’re the key to decoding the matrix.

    Being able to understand user behavior is like seeing a movie being made before it hits theaters, the setlist before an epic concert, or the notes before a brilliant keynote speech.

    Social media statistics are your all-access pass to your audience’s thoughts. If you know what they tend to do, you can tailor your approach to meet their needs. You can serve them what they want instead of what you think they may need.

    Today, we’re highlighting 30 social media statistics that every marketer should know to be successful on social media. We’ve broken them down by platform so that you can focus your marketing efforts where your customers spend the majority of their time. Let’s dive in:

    Social Media at Large

    To kick things off, we’ll start with some general social media statistics. These numbers represent engagement across all platforms and demographics.

    • 3.5 billion people use social media, equates to 45% of the global population
    • Social media users by generation: 73% Gen Z, 90.4% Millennials, 77.5% Gen X, 48.2 Baby Boomers
    • The average person spends 3 hours on social media daily
    • 54% of social media users use social platforms to research products
    • 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations

    Instagram Statistics

    Instagram’s growth in 2019 almost pales in comparison to its usage rates in 2020. With the explosion of Instagram Live, IG Stories and Highlights both becoming essential, and IGTV expanding its programming and reach, it’s easy to see why engagement on Instagram continues to spike. 

    • Over 1 billion monthly active users
    • The worlds seventh most visited website
    • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business acct
    • The average duration of each session on Instagram is 3 minutes
    • Videos on Instagram see a 49% higher engagement than images
    • Instagram ads reach 928.5 million people

    Pinterest Statistics

    When Pinterest surpassed Snapchat as the third largest social media platform earlier this year, it wasn’t near the surprise to Pinterest users as it may have been to others. The inspirational social platform is quite possibly the last positive place online, and it sends users flocking in the hundreds of millions. The overall growth in Pinterest users was big in 2019. So was the platform’s growing shift to video Pins

    • 335 million monthly active users
    • Over 240 billion Pins and 5 billion boards saved by Pinners
    • 83% of weekly users make purchases based on products they saw on Pinterest
    • 47% of US internet users have an account
    • Video content grew 6x from 2018 to 2019

    Twitter Statistics

    Although Twitter can be a bit complex from a marketing perspective, it’s clear that, like Facebook, Twitter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Marketing on Twitter boils down to tapping into the unique language of the platform, exploring hashtags, and building community.  

    • Sixth most visited website in the world
    • The average user spends 10 mins every session
    • Tweets with video get 10% more engagement
    • Tweets with hashtags get 100% more engagement
    • People are 26% more likely to view ads on Twitter than any other leading platform

    Facebook Statistics

    Facebook is still a giant. Seemingly connected to everything – and actually connected to Instagram and WhatsApp – Facebook still draws in the most significant global audience amongst all social platforms.

    • Worlds third most visited website
    • 2.5 billion monthly active users
    • 1.95 billion ad reach equates to 32% of the world population over the age of 13
    • 69% of US adults use Facebook
    • Average time spent on Facebook is 11 mins
    • Video post earn the highest engagement on Facebook

    YouTube Statistics

    Today, it’s evident that what Youtube has perfected for over a decade is the future of content creation and consumption. With billions of users that equate to more than a third of the world’s population, Youtube is the platform marketers are and should be on. 

    • 2 billion monthly users
    • 33% of the world’s population use Youtube
    • People watch 1 billion hours of Youtube videos daily



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