"Show Your Support" for Small Businesses With Our New StoriesEdit Collection

    March 25 2020

    Our community includes a strong group of small business owners, and we're so thankful to see an outpour of support on social media during the past few weeks. Our latest template collection on the StoriesEdit app is in honor of the many small businesses that keep us going, keep us inspired, and keep us motivated in pursuing the ideas we love.The StoriesEdit Template Collection 'Show Your Support' includes nine customizable templates to share the businesses, products, accounts, and people you love through posts, Stories, and Pins.Small businesses around the world are the heartbeat of cities – they are the unifiers of our communities who embody the meaning of grit and ingenuity. Now is the time to band together in supporting them.

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    Planoly-Blog-Post-Stories-Edit-Show-Your-Support-Collection-Image-1--2As a part of the social media community, we all play a very important role during a crisis. Creating a positive digital safe space for your audience and followers during this time is vital.The globally unprecedented challenges have heightened some of the best parts of social media as a communication tool. People, creators, and businesses are all looking to share and discover ways to continue to support businesses. There isn't a better time than now to open your heart, let your creativity run freely, tap into your network, get vulnerable with your social media community.As an individual, even if you feel as though it isn't much you can do right now, it's quite the opposite – there is so much to be inspired by, share, and support in any capacity.If you manage social media channels right now, your audience needs positivity and hope – you play a vital role in continuing to spread that amidst the darkness around us. We're all in this together, and we should try as best we can to shift our mindset from a "What will happen" to "How can we continue to serve?"

    How Should We Help, Exactly?

    As an influencer in the space, I've been experiencing this first hand. I recently moved to New York City from Austin, Texas. I've grown roots in both cities and have built ties with small businesses across the majority of niche industries. Throughout the past week, it's been so important to me in knowing how I can tap into these connections and find out ways that I can properly serve them during this time. I've built relationships with the faces behind these businesses, and know them on a personal level. I know their story, their mission, why they've fought so hard to carve out space for themselves, and how much they care for their community. I have so much love for these small businesses and want to continue to see them thrive and flourish despite this minor road bump. Because it will be much brighter on the other side, and I fully believe if we all form this same mentality, we can get there together. If we band together right now for this common purpose, we can continue to help the businesses we love to stay alive.One of my favorite quotes rings true now, more than ever:"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would tell me, look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." - Fred Rogers"Look for the helpers"... ask yourself, how can you continue to help those around you? Not sure where to start? Just ask! Most of the businesses you love are just an email, phone call, or DM away.

    • DM your favorite shops + restaurants and ask how you can help spread the word about their services and what they're currently able to offer to their customers.
    • Email them! Show them you're here to support them and ask if there is anything specific you can speak to for them, or any new news that you can share from them with your followers.
    • Put together a blog post with a list of your favorite local spots and what they're currently offering!
    • Highlight their business on Instagram Stories throughout the week with our newest template collection, and by including Hi-Res imagery. (If you don't have any images of your own to share, chances are they have several they can share with you through Dropbox or email.)

    How To Show Your Support as a Business

    Tap into your online network and community to see what businesses they're currently supporting or sharing their love for. And get personal with your audience by sharing ways that they can continue to support your business during this time. Let them know whether you're currently open. If you're a restaurant, what update your online to-go or pickup menu. If you're in retail, share ways people can support by shopping online or purchasing a gift card!We love the "Show Your Support" and "Business of the Day" templates from our latest collection to show extra love and support.This is the time to respond to your followers' comments, like your tagged photos, respond to DMs, have honest conversations, or do whatever it takes to let them know they're a part of your community.Sincerity is key. Your followers are eager to learn more about you, the brands you love and support, and how they can continue to support you during this time. Let's use this time to lean into the present, a slower time to engage and build community, and get personal with your audience by sharing what matters most to you – what makes you who you are.We love our"Hello, My Name Is" template, because it gives you the freedom to share who you and where you live – the face behind the business or brand.


    Create a Call to Action For Your Followers

    Show your followers ways that they can continue to support you! Try incorporating a few of these templates throughout the week by highlighting or calling out businesses that you love. And share the template with your followers to fill out and include their own favorite businesses!We love the "Weekly Feature and "Local Favorites" templates from our latest collection to show extra love and support.Planoly-Blog-Post-Show-Your-Support-Collection-Image-5-2

    Foster Togetherness Within Your Community

    Engage with your audience and continue to build those connections by fostering a sense of community with them. Share ways that they can support you, but also ways that they can support those around you as well.Spread positivity by empowering businesses local to you or across the globe! See below for a list of templates from our collection we're loving right now:

    • Currently Loving Template
    • Follow Friday Template
    • Current Favorite Template
    • Recent Discoveries Template

    Our "Currently Loving" and "Current Favorite" templates are great when it comes to highlighting businesses that are top of mind, and ones that your followers might not know about!Over the past days and weeks, it's been amazing to see the way that local communities have banded together as one during these times of uncertainty. In New York City alone, small businesses, influencers, agencies, and more are coming together to show love and positivity to those around them and spreading it across the city. From influencers tagging their favorite local restaurants to content creators sharing their favorite shops on Instagram, everyone is coming together to form creative partnerships.Now is the time to continue to share ways that our community can build up and empower those around us by giving at a time that's most needed, and shifting the focus from ourselves and (our thoughts) to our community. Now is a time for togetherness... and if it's one thing New Yorkers know to do well, it's banding together.Try out our latest collection on StoriesEdit! Start tagging and supporting small businesses that are close to your heart, and share them with your followers! Spread the love.

    Start using the free templates on StoriesEdit!

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