PLANOLY's Small Business School: How to Jumpstart Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

    December 20 2019

    From the rise of TikTok to new features on Instagram, 2019 was a year of change and a window into the innovations ahead in 2020. Our goal is to keep you up to date, simplify planning, and ease your social media efforts! Overall, digital well-being, augmented reality, sustainability, and authenticity should be baked into your small business marketing strategy for the next few years. Here are the top trends to consider, as well as a worksheet to track your new marketing strategy.

    6 Tactical Ways to Jumpstart Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

    1. Outline Your Goals

    Create a clear vision for the months ahead by outlining specific and realistic goals. Go beyond the basic metrics. Beyond social media engagement metrics, what does success look like to you? For example, if you want to elevate your blog content, establish how will it serve your audience or drive awareness for your brand? We suggest keeping it simple and quantifiable when setting goals.

    2. Use Analytics to Develop Your Content Strategy

    Knowing how to read and understand your Instagram or Pinterest Analytics is a key part of planning for success. Rely on insight into your audience demographics and top-performing content to inform your digital marketing strategy 2020 and beyond. Once you identify your top-performing posts, blogs, or videos, ideate on ways to create similar content. For example, if you notice that IG Stories that feature you or your team receive the most replies, prioritize more behind the scenes content to keep your audience engaged. Whether it's a video on YouTube, Instagram posts, or Pinterest DIY's, create a plan! Use our many content calendars to help you plan and execute your new content strategy.Planoly-Blog-Post-How-to-Jumpstart-Your-2020-Marketing-Strategy-Image-1-2

    Consumer Trends from Pinterest

    Pinterest shared their annual Pinterest 100 Trend report, and it's packed with beautiful and surprising insight into what's ahead. We consider Pinterest to be ground zero of where consumer trends begin. In 2020, Pinterest plans to encourage users to tap into their niches and shift their focus towards conscious consumerism. Download the full PDF report here. More Resources on Analytics How to Increase Traffic Using Pinterest AnalyticsGoogle Analytics 101 For Your Site's PerformanceHow to Understand Instagram Analytics

    3. Identify New Partnerships

    Gather together a list of your top recurring clients, new partners, and potential partners for the new year. Be intentional with the types of collaborations and partnerships you want to take part in for 2020. Create a list of the brands, influencers, small businesses, who align with your vision and would gain a new audience for your business.Planoly-Blog-Post-How-to-Jumpstart-Your-2020-Marketing-Strategy-Image-3-2More Resources for Partnerships: How to Evaluate a New Brand PartnerThe Ultimate Influencer Campaign ChecklistConsiderations for Paid Campaigns

    4. Rely on Freelancers and Existing Design Tools

    To build your content arsenal, consider outsourcing blog, email marketing, video, or design needs. Some of our small business users hire freelance writers to write a few blog posts or emails for the month. PLANOLY's e-commerce users rely on ShopLink to create a gallery showcase and shop products. Small to medium businesses also rely on videographers to create how-tos or summary videos of all their services and products. Within Instagram Stories, you'll discover an array of engagement and design tools to simplify your marketing efforts. The "Join Chat" sticker keeps the conversation going with a dedicated audience, the "Invites" sticker can be used to reward frequent customers, and GIFs and filters keep it fun through stories. For polished and customizable Story templates, download the StoriesEdit app. Your followers will think you hired a new designer.Planoly-Blog-Post-How-to-Jumpstart-Your-2020-Marketing-Strategy-Image-5-2More Resources: How to Do Sponsored Stories WellHow to Maximize Engagement Through Stories

    5. Prioritize Video Content

    Begin by analyzing the performance of past videos to determine which types of videos resonated with your audience. This is also a great time to update captions or descriptions to keep them relevant and evergreen for your audience. Whether you have the resources in your team or need to hire a freelancer, it's time to build a trove of video or animations to share throughout the year. Beyond video posts or Youtube, it might be time to also consider IGTV or TikTok to speak to new audiences.

    Consider IGTV

    Creators and brands started to see significant pay off for their IGTV efforts during the last 12 months. We can only expect more exponential growth ahead with the rise in overall viewership and plans to monetize through ads on IGTV. If you haven't already, we suggest strategizing for two or three IGTV videos to introduce your brand's personality or products. With Gen Z entering the marketplace, IGTV is a crucial step to complete your Instagram page and build trust with the audience – especially for accounts with at least 10k followers.Planoly-Blog-Post-How-to-Jumpstart-Your-2020-Marketing-Strategy-Image-4-2

    Consider TikTok

    There's no question that TikTok was the disrupter of the year in the social media space. Both high schoolers and their moms alike found a space to express themselves and put their spin on trending TikTok video memes. While not all brands are suited for TikTok just yet, but some notably stood out (like The Washington Post) and inspired others. Celine, the French fashion house, recently cast the 18-year-old TikTok influencer Noen Eubanks to become their new face. For more on TikTok's biggest hits, head to their 2019 recap here.

    More Resources:
    How Brands are Winning on TikTokHow to Leverage IGTVAll the TikTok Stats

    6. Focus on Wellness

    This isn't necessarily a trend, but more of a sentiment that will impact users, customers, brands, creators – everyone. The digital world is beginning to evolve into a more mindful, intentional, and sustainable environment that harbors a safe space for users and an inspirational outlet for all. With more and more brands aligning their strategy towards a mindful and intentional approach, we're excited to continue to see what 2020 has in store. In a world inundated with updates, videos, stories, memes, and over-connectedness, we're all yearning to retreat. Burnout is on the rise. Creators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and 9-5er's alike are susceptible to hustle culture ideologies. Hustle culture can be toxic, promoting continuous excellence, putting in the hours, and finding ways to work harder and faster.Planoly-Blog-Post-How-to-Jumpstart-Your-2020-Marketing-Strategy-Image-2-2Use our free downloadable to map out your small business marketing and content strategy. Use the print out to log your progress, highlight wins, and take note of areas for improvement. The more intentional you are with your goals, the more you write things down, and the more you focus on growth will help align your vision with your outcome.

    Watch our webinar on marketing strategies for small businesses, hosted by Priscilla Castro, PLANOLY's marketing director!

    The PLANOLY app and web platform simplifies social media marketing by allowing you to visually plan, schedule, and analyze your Instagram and Pinterest content.

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