PLANOLY's Small Business School: Building Brand Awareness During the Holidays

    November 04 2019

    It's the most powerful time of the yearrrrr. There's a ton to consider before planning your social strategy for the holidays. In this round of PLANOLY's Small Business School, we're going to take down the curtains on seamlessly maintaining your brand's social presence during the holidays. We want to set you up with the tools needed in order for you to create a successful social marketing strategy in the next few months ahead.

    How to Set Yourself Up for Success

    Ask yourself: What's my goal for this season?

    Think about your main goal for the holiday season. Is it to drive awareness of a new product? Promote seasonal sales or a holiday Giveaway? Or, are you creating a call to action for your customers to donate to a charity of your choice? Understanding what your main goal is during the holiday season will help you narrow down your to-do list. It will also help you align your deliverables with your content calendar and create a structured strategy for the season.

    Ask yourself: What's the story I'm telling my customers or followers?

    As a brand, you're also a visual storyteller. Every day, your audience is tuning in for updates and things to look forward to. Tap into your brand's own personal story, leverage your voice, and be authentic with your audience through captions and comments. Storytelling and building community go hand in hand. A few compelling brands we love to watch during the holidays are Glossier, Dannijo, Airbnb, & Nike. We love how they use IG Stories and share videos!

    Narrow down your marketing strategy.

    How do you plan to share your message to market your product or promotion? What type of content do you need to create and share to get your message out? Examples: Gift Guides on your website, IGTV Videos, Blog Posts, Pins on Pinterest, etc. The best way you can strategically plan your content is by creating these "Social Buckets" for each type of content you're creating. These "social buckets" include Instagram in-feed posts, Instagram Stories, Pinterest Pins, IGTV Videos, Youtube Videos, and Blog Posts. Don't spread yourself thin, narrow it down to a few buckets to make more impact with your message.

    Keep up with your content calendars.

    One of the best ways to prioritize your content and build your marketing strategy for the holiday season is by having a visual calendar to guide you through the months ahead. Our Content Calendars make it easy to track and schedule content month by month.

    Target your audience.

    You've created a clear goal and mission, you've promoted it across your social channels, and now it's time to drive that message home to your audience! The best way you can continue to promote your message and gain additional traction on your content is through promotional outlets like Instagram Ads, Paid Sponsorships with Partners and Collaborators, and Additional Curated Content in the form of Sales and Campaigns. Read more on branded content ads on IG.

    Leaving You with Some Inspo:

    One of our favorite ongoing holiday campaigns is the Starbucks red cup. Starbucks has been featuring new holiday cup designs every year since 1997 – keeping their customers looking forward to this time of the year for seasonal drink offerings. To jumpstart these learnings, we've created a Social Presence roadmap/worksheet for you below! Use it to help elevate your social presence and plan your content creation.

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