The Sill x StoriesEdit Template Collection

    October 14 2019

    For all of our plant lovers out there, we're excited to be sprouting a new StoriesEdit template collection in collaboration with The Sill! It seems that millennials have been embracing their green thumbs more and more these days; we're happy to bring this new template collection to the growing community of 'plantfluencers.'If you're unaware ofThe Sill, they are the online mecca for plants...your garden center online. You can order easy-care plants to be delivered to your door anywhere in the United States! They also have locally-made pots, stands, soil, tools, and more. Not only do they have an amazing selection of indoor houseplants, but their blog and social media presence are chock-full of plant tips, DIY inspiration, and more. The Sill has truly emerged as a community staple and tastemaker in the plant space, which is why we're so thrilled about our StoriesEdit collaboration with them!

    About the Set

    Our new plant-inspired collection features nine different templates for you to choose from. Throughout the templates in this collection, you'll find abstract palm leaves, which was inspired by The Sill's fun Highlight covers. The templates come in a bright color palette of bold green and mellow pink, but you are free to customize the colors to match your branding or aesthetic. A few of the templates include a space for visual content - perfect for sharing all of your plant babies! We also added five adorable plant-themed stickers along with this collection, so you can add even more flair to your designs. *StoriesEdit Tip: Some of the templates have borders around the visual can change the color of the borders too!

    Best Practices

    While your immediate thought might be to use the templates for Instagram Stories, they're perfect to utilize for Pinterest as well (Check out our Pin Planner here)! This collection is ideal for sharing content pertaining to plants, but it could easily be used for any type of visual content! However, if you are a new or seasoned plantfluencer, this collection was created with you in mind. A few of the templates are solely for text; use those to share plant facts, tips, myths, or your favorite new plant discoveries! We also suggest using the templates to promote and share new blog posts or re-share evergreen content. *StoriesEdit Tip: Start a 'Plant of the Week' series on your blog, and share it on Instagram Stories using our templates. You could include three different Stories for the feature:

    • The first template would introduce the series 'Plant of the Week' to your followers, along with the picture and name of the plant.
    • The second would include facts and tips for how to care for the plant.
    • The third would include another picture of the plant and a swipe-up link to the full blog post or link to buy the plant!

    Educating your followers will help to grow your community and bring in more like-minded people to your circle.


    We can't wait to see how all of our users utilize this adorable new collection! Remember that it is a limited-edition collection, and will only be available for three months. Take advantage of this fabulous template collaboration while you can! Be sure and follow@thesill on Instagram, and tag us @StoriesEdit and @planoly when you use the templates for a chance to be featured on our Instagram. What are you waiting for?! It's thyme to start creating.


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