Shed Toxic Hustle Culture Before Entering the New Decade

    November 06 2019

    There are only a few weeks left of 2019.

    Instead of hustling to "finish the year strong," take a moment to reflect on all that you've accomplished. Before this decade comes to a close, thank yourself for all the wins, learnings, pivots, and growth. Many of you launched a new business or created an online community. You discovered new hobbies. Maybe you graduated or started a new career. You posted your first Instagram. You bet on yourself, and it paid off – several times over. For most, it's a challenge to celebrate successes. Don't rush past your accomplishments. Now is not the time to squeeze in one last goal before the year ends. It's the time to practice gratitude and give yourself permission to slow down.

    Why Gratitude Matters

    It's not easy, but practicing gratitude is the first step to living more mindfully offline. In a world inundated with updates, videos, stories, memes, and over-connectedness, we're all yearning to retreat. Burnout is on the rise. Creators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and 9-5er's alike are susceptible to hustle culture ideologies. Hustle culture can be toxic, promoting continuous excellence, putting in the hours, and finding ways to work harder and faster. Over time, social media has exacerbated the need to keep working. "Performative workaholism" is a part of our culture that makes work a significant part of our identities and self-worth. Hustle culture has grown from helpful to a toxic part of the modern work culture. Your job is not your life; it's essential to establish and maintain healthy tech boundaries.

    Plan and Unplug

    Of course, working hard is necessary but not at the expense of living life or unplugging. At PLANOLY, our goal is to simplify your social marketing – a huge part of that means helping you plan so you can spend more time living. We love social media, but without the proper tools, the work can follow us into our home.

    Some changes you can implement right away:

    • Turn off all non-essential notifications
    • Set screen time restrictions
    • Establish dedicated email and social media time
    • Plan and schedule content ahead of time

    The PLANOLY app makes it easy to plan and schedule your content. The StoriesEdit app is preloaded with designer templates to make your Story content pop. You can design and plan a week's worth of content in under an hour. As a marketer, you get to spend less time worrying about Instagram and Pinterest, and more time being present and living IRL.

    Practice gratitude, for real.

    Take a few minutes to write down all that you've accomplished in the last ten years, both big and small. It's the opposite of a to-do list. No seriously, take a moment to grab a scrap piece of paper and write it all out.

    Enjoy distractions

    Distractions aren't all bad, they're often great diversions that spur refreshing new ideas and solutions. However, these unfocused experiences shouldn't have a purpose or require immediate benefits. Life is meant to have surprise road trips, happy hours, and nights when you binge a new show guilt-free.

    Do whatever it takes to walk into 2020 rested, nourished, recharged, and full of gratitude.

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