How to Save & Manage Your Video Ideas in PLANOLY

    August 26 2022

    With the amount of content inspiration and new trends that you find every day on TikTok, it can be hard to track and refer back to all of the ideas you want to use for your own content. If you’ve always wanted a centralized place to review and brainstorm your saved content, look no further! With PLANOLY’s new “Ideas” feature for video planning, you’ll never lose track of a good idea again. We’re excited to dive into our new Ideas Manager, designed to help you save and manage audio content in PLANOLY

    Manage Your Video Ideas & Content Inspiration 

    That’s right–planning for future content using our Video Planner just got even easier. You can save time planning, coming up with, and keeping track of content ideas by accessing the Ideas tab from the Video Planner Web Dashboard or on our Mobile App as soon as you’ve linked a TikTok account to PLANOLY

    Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, you’ll be able to save TikTok content into the Ideas tab at any time through the Web Dashboard or Mobile App. Plus, you’ll be able to include a note so you can jot down how you’d like to use or repurpose the idea for a future video. Here’s how to do it all through PLANOLY



    How to Save Video Ideas from the TikTok Mobile App

    From your phone, save TikTok sounds directly into PLANOLY from the TikTok Mobile App to refer back to when you’re ready to plan, repurpose or use for inspiration. When you find a sound URL you want to save for later, click the “share” arrow. Find the “PLANOLY” app, add notes to remind yourself of how you might want to repurpose the trend, and then click “Upload.” This idea will be saved onto your Web Dashboard ideas tab for future reference.

    How to Save & Organize Video Ideas  

    From your Web Dashboard, view ideas you added from your phone or add new ideas from the TikTok web platform by clicking the “Import URL” button on your Ideas tab. You can also access your saved ideas on the PLANOLY Mobile App by navigating to the ideas manager on the top right of your home screen. Your ideas will be organized in a visual grid format for easy viewing, and you can sort them using the dropdown menu at the top. It’s also important to note that any idea you save from the TikTok Mobile App will automatically be added to your Ideas tab on Web. If you’re more of a visual learner, check out TikTok expert Sydney McDonald’s quick tutorial on how to save video ideas with PLANOLY here.

    We designed this feature with content creators and social media managers in mind so that scrolling through TikTok can become a more productive part of your day. You’ll no longer have to sort through your “saved” content on TikTok and then move those ideas to a separate planning tool. Try out our Ideas feature today! 

    Learn more about how to save and manage video ideas in PLANOLY by checking out our Help Guide, or upgrade to access Video Planner today.  

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